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Nokia Lumia 800 – Windows Phone | Officially Announced

Anyone working at Nokia will tell you that they misinterpreted the advent of smartphones and their popularity. They will also tell you they are doing something about it. After numerous leaks, intentional and unintentional, that “something” is finally here. Headlined at today’s Nokia World, the mobile device … READ MORE


Nokia N8 – My SuperFun House Party By SO-ME | Video

Though it was a late comer by industry standard, Apple‘s success with its iPhone really shook up other cellphone maker, especially the once market leader Nokia. To mark its comeback, the Finnish label introduced the N8 Smartphone with functions beyond the most current iPhone, the iPhone 4. … READ MORE


Nokia N97 Smartphone – Shipment Begins Today

Only on its 2nd day and already June is proving to be a busy month as merchandisers vying for spots to mark their product launch.  One such is the anticipated N97 Smartphone from Nokia, which begins to roll out of its factories worldwide today.  First unveiled during … READ MORE

Nokia "iPhone Killer" - Nokia N97

Nokia “iPhone Killer” – Nokia N97

As designers, we always admired Nokia‘s design fundamentals during its climb to become the world’s largest cellphone producer.  Ever willing to take on risks and push envelops, Nokia created uniquely shaped cell phones, such as the circular dials on Nokia 3650, which challenge the notions of what … READ MORE


Louis Vuitton CELUX x Nokia 7360

CELUX, LOUIS VUITTON‘s very exclusive membership-only club in Tokyo, just created an exculsive collaborative cell phone with Nokia. Based on the Nokia 7360, the CELUX edition comes in powder pink and black chrome, each with CELUX markings. The phones are based on opened GSM wireless standard, meant … READ MORE