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SBTG x Nooka Collection

NY fashion brand Nooka and Singapore-based custom sneaker designer Sabotage (SBTG) join forces to offer a limited edition line of custom products for the Spring season. The first piece of the collection is a modified SBTG timepiece, with stars representing the hours and a crescent moon for … READ MORE


NOOKA App – A New Way To Look At Time

The Nooka app takes something that’s prosaic and makes it engaging. Simply put, it’s a new way to look at time, featuring three face designs in which the hour is marked by a colored shape, either arranged in a circular form or into discrete rows of pill-like … READ MORE


NOOKA x Nickelodeon x Dalek – SpongeBob & Patrick Star Zub Dot Watches

The pop aesthetic of NOOKA products are the ideal canvas for the collaboration project with Nickelodeon and their famous cartoon characters, SpongeBob and Patrick Star from the popular SpongeBob Squarepants series. The molded PU body of the Zub Dot watches are colored brightly in yellow and pink … READ MORE


Dalek x NOOKA – SpongeBob SquarePants + Patrick Star ZUB ZOT

Before panic sinks in because you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet, here might be an idea for you. Creative lifestyle firm NOOKA teamed up with Nickelodeon once again for a second run of the popular SpongeBob SquarePants timepieces. With help from artist Dalek (James Marshall), the … READ MORE



Always a step ahead with innovative designs and functionalities, NOOKA just keeps surprising us with their never-ending new ideas like the luxurious NOOKA ZAZ WT L, and also not limited to watches anymore, their futuristic Mercury Sunglasses Collection. Looks like this time, NOOKA is making a special tribute … READ MORE


NOOKA Mercury Sunglasses Collection

NOOKA is perhaps one of the revolutionary labels when it comes to telling time. As if determined to invent a new perspective of looking at time, just as man had invented the sun dial then switched to analog, then digital, NOOKA’s watches are often clandestine agents of … READ MORE


NOOKA – November Release – ZAZ WT L

Watch maker NOOKA is known for its quirky and ultra-modern takes on both the practice of time reading and timepiece design. Fresh from the label is a new addition to its luxury line-up, the ZAZ. The most interesting aspect about this angular piece is the translucent digital … READ MORE


SpongeBob SquarePants x NOOKA – ZUB ZENH + ZENV Watches | Available Now @ SDCC

Returning to Bikini Bottom once again as timepiece designer Matthew Waldman and his company NOOKA just debut its limited edition watch line based on the jovia:l creature of the deep sea, SpongeBob SquarePants.  To mark this popular animated series’ 10th anniversary this year, NOOKA created 2 timepiece … READ MORE


UNDRCRWN x NOOKA – Koolabooration ZENV Watch

Designer Matthew Waldman and the NOOKA team been busy churning out collaboration timepiece in recent months.  Aside from partnership with LTD and Kidrobot, the New York watch maker created a special edition based on its ZENV model with urban apparel label UNDRCRWN.  Designed by UNDRCRWN’s Creative Director … READ MORE

NOOKA – Extra Dimensional Video

Ahead of its new timepiece with Kidrobot, NYC-based watch maker NOOKA produced a fashionable video with its in-house designer. Highlighted in Flash animation and customized music are abstracts of its watch design concept. In the meantime, the NOOKA x Kidrobot – Koolaboration Zub Watch, will be available … READ MORE

NOOKA x Kidrobot - Zub Watch

Kidrobot x NOOKA – Koolabooration ZUB Watch

After its recent collaborations with LTD and Hellz Bellz, watch maker NOOKA teamed up with designer and retailer Kidrobot in producing a limited edition timepiece.  Based on the popular NOOKA Zub model with the signature Zen-H watch face, the NOOKA x Kidrobot – Koolabooration Zub Watch will … READ MORE