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NOWHERE Hong Kong – Now Open

NIGO and Jun Takahashi came together to open the original NOWHERE store in the Harajuku area in Tokyo, Japan years ago and now after a number of years the two have come together again to open up a new NOWHERE in Hong Kong. Both Nigo and Jun … READ MORE


NOWHERE Hong Kong – Preview

News first surfaced that Nigo and Jun Takahashi of UNDERCOVER would be opening their NOWHERE Concept Retail Space in Hong Kong last week, now more details have emerged around this new retail door that is set to open in one of Asia’s biggest cities, Hong Kong. The … READ MORE


A Bathing Ape (BAPE) x UNDERCOVER NOWHERE Camo Canvas Sneaker

More than a decade ago, designers Jun Takahashi (UNDERCOVER) and Nigo (BAPE) embarked a little retail experiment named NOWHERE in the Harajuku neighborhood of Tokyo.  And though it no longer exist, that particular storefront forever altered the definition of “Harajuku”, from a hub of subculture ideals to … READ MORE