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Nychos – Street Anatomy Exhibition | San Francisco

Even if you are not familiar with the name Nychos, chances are you have seen his artwork somewhere. The renowned Austrian street artist is famous for his anatomical explosions, including real animals to fictional cartoon characters. Whether the works are one hundred percent anatomically correct is no … READ MORE

Nychos - Snake Bait Video

Nychos – “Snake Bait” | Video

Nychos definitely comes across as a unique individual and artist. His works are unlike anything else in the world, a hybrid between cartoon-like illustration and bizarre science experiment. Despite his interesting subject matter, the Austrian artist possesses great skills on canvas, as well as indoor and outdoor … READ MORE


Nychos – Silly Slicesophy Exhibition | New York

Nychos is currently on a whirlwind tour of the world, and had set foot on US soil for some time now. His latest project is the solo exhibition at Mighty Tanaka gallery in Brooklyn, New York. The exhibition is titled, Silly Slicesophy, a fitting name, as the … READ MORE