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Oakley – “Snowboarding: For Me” Official Movie Trailer | Video

Oakley‘s upcoming Snowboarding: For Me is a film that brings to life the unique relationship between the brand’s world-class snowboarding team and the sport and lifestyle that the individual members inhabit every single day. The film was shot over the 2013 – 2014 seasons — spanning the streets of Finland to the backcountry … READ MORE


Staple x Liberty x Oakley Frogskins Sunglasses | Available Now

With the success of Staple’s recent collaboration with Liberty of London as a platform, Jeff Staple and company asked their friends from eyewear maker Oakley to create a complement Frogskins sunglasses for the capsule collection. Featuring the same “Ptolemy” pattern by Liberty, the special Oakley Frogskins sunglasses … READ MORE


The Style of Sophia Chang | New York, USA

Name: Sophia Chang Occupation: Illustrator, Artist, Design & Homegirl from the Borough of Queens Top: FUCT SSDD (Varsity Jacket) Vintage Queens Borough (T-Shirt) Bottom: Tech Fleece Jogger (Pant) Accessory: Staple x Oakley Frogskin (Sunglasses) Footwear: Sophia Chang x PUMA Suede Classic (Sneakers) Born, raised, and schooled in … READ MORE


Oakley x Eric Koston 2014 Collection

The relationship between Oakley and skate legend Eric Koston dates backs to 2009, when the two names came together to release a duo of backpacks and woodgrain inspired Frogskins. Since then the collaborative partners have produced a friends-and-family pair of gold fade Frogskins, and in 2012, a brown tortoise-themed … READ MORE


Eric Koston x Oakley Frogskins Sunglasses – 2014 Edition

Part of the Eric Koston Signature Series, these collaborative Oakley Frogskins Sunglasses for 2014 are available now through select retailers and Oakley online store. Made accordingly to the original Frogskins specs, the two designs feature the same camo patterns found on the Eric Koston x Oakley Frogskins … READ MORE


Eric Koston x Oakley Frogskins LX Sunglasses – 2014 Edition

Skate legend Eric Koston has teamed up with Oakley to create a new series of Frogskins sunglasses that blends the eyewear brand’s iconic style with Koston’s own kick of disruption that comes from years in the street game. The set featured up top here, the LX Series, … READ MORE


Oakley: A Story of Disruption

Narrated by Academy Award winning actor Kevin Spacey, Oakley‘s “A Story of Disruption” is a short film that explores the SoCal company’s brand philosophy, while also celebrating its most ground-breaking product designs, spanning 1975 to present day. The video encompasses 40 years of industry disruption, distilled into a … READ MORE


Oakley: The Heritage Flipbook | Video

Celebrating the brand’s heritage in sports performance eyewear over the past 30 years, Oakley has unveiled “The Heritage Flipbook” video, featuring three of its most iconic silhouettes: the Frogskins, Razor Blades and Eyeshades. The rapidly paced clip is a moving multimedia feast, featuring illustrations, sketches and archived print … READ MORE


Oakley x Ferrari Partnership Unveiled

Oakley and Ferrari have teamed up to introduce the Oakley Scuderia Ferrari collection, inspired by the Ferrari’s namesake racing team. The limited edition Carbon Blade, built with a carbon fiber frame, is the standout silhouette of the 8-piece Scuderia Ferrari collection, with each model featuring color highlights in Scuderia … READ MORE


fragment design x Oakley Frogskins – Buena Vista

Hiroshi Fujiwara’s fragment design teams up with Oakley once again, this time producing a pair of Buena Vista Frogskins featuring a subdued matte black finish. The understated sunnies feature smoke grey lenses to add to the refined look, offering a stark contrast to the usually colorful aesthetic … READ MORE


Oakley Razor Blades – Heritage Collection

The Heritage Collection from Oakley celebrates the brand’s origins, featuring the vintage frames that first put the SoCal eyewear manufacturer on the map. Along with the historic Frogskin and Eyeshade, the range is completed with the Razor Blade, a sequel of sorts to the Eyeshade. The Razor Blade … READ MORE