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fragment design x Oakley Frogskins – Buena Vista

Hiroshi Fujiwara’s fragment design teams up with Oakley once again, this time producing a pair of Buena Vista Frogskins featuring a subdued matte black finish. The understated sunnies feature smoke grey lenses to add to the refined look, offering a stark contrast to the usually colorful aesthetic … READ MORE


Oakley Razor Blades – Heritage Collection

The Heritage Collection from Oakley celebrates the brand’s origins, featuring the vintage frames that first put the SoCal eyewear manufacturer on the map. Along with the historic Frogskin and Eyeshade, the range is completed with the Razor Blade, a sequel of sorts to the Eyeshade. The Razor Blade … READ MORE


Oakley Eyeshade – Heritage Collection

It can be argued that the Eyeshade model pictured above was the start of everything we now know as Oakley. Back in 1984 – way before the brand was an international giant in the game – Oakley was a garage-based operation seeking to find a way to … READ MORE


Oakley Frogskins – Heritage Collection

Back in 1984, when Oakley was just a garage-based operation, the brand introduced three new innovative sunglass designs, inspired by professional cyclist’s needs for glare-free, functional, yet stylish eyewear. At the time, the flagship model was the Eyeshade, which looks like it was taken from snow goggles, … READ MORE


Oakley Enduro – Newest Additional to Shaun White Sunglasses Collection

Shaun White’s achievements are too many to mention here. Suffice it to say that since the snowboarding prodigy first forged a relationship with Oakley, he’s transformed into a globally recognized ambassador for action sports. He’s worked closely with Oakley to produce two sunglasses as part of his … READ MORE


Future Google Glass to be designed by Luxottica’s Oakley & Ray-Ban

While there’s no doubting Google’s ability to plant some tech on your face via their revolutionary Google Glass, the tech giant is going to leave the styling to the eyewear designers over at Luxottica‘s Oakley and Ray-Ban. Owned by parent company Luxottica, Oakley and Ray-Ban already step-in … READ MORE


Oakley – “Disruptive By Design” 30th Anniversary Celebration | Event Recap

While registered officially as a company in 1975, performance optic giant Oakley truly came about a year before when founder Jim Jannard created one of the first working prototype in his garage. Some 600 patents and nearly 30 years later, the company’s fanatical drive to make things … READ MORE


Oakley Frogskin “Soft Touch”

It was a time when boom boxes pumped out Run D.M.C., The Terminator owned the box office, and the Gipper was in the White House. The early ’80’s was also the time that Oakley first released their iconic sunglasses called Frogskins. Resurrected from the time of Save … READ MORE


Oakley Heritage Collection | Officially Unveiled

Oakley‘s Heritage Collection isn’t simply a blast from the past, in which old designs are resurrected as part of an “old is new” vintage campaign. Instead, it’s a celebration of the mad scientists that built the company from the ground up, and the inventions “that rocked the world … READ MORE


Bubba Watson’s Bulletproof Oakley Truck

Bubba Watson may be all sweater vests and slacks on the course, but when he’s not swinging his irons, he’s out playing with all of his big boy toys. This time last year, we gave you a look at his one-of-a-kind golf course-ready hovercraft, which joined his Dukes … READ MORE


Oakley – “Disruptive By Design” Event Dinner at ONE ICON: The Bunker | Event Recap

Affectionately named “The Bunker” by Oakley employees, the imposing global headquarters at ONE ICON showed its “gentler side” last night as the designated starting point for Oakley’s “Disruptive By Design.” With invited guests from five different continents, including a group that flew in straight from the 2014 … READ MORE