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Freshness Week In Review: 08/30/2010 09/03/2010

Maybe you noticed the dip in temperature or the nightly whirling of cool breeze. Yep, fall is here and so are the slews of new releases. First as a collection preview the week before, Supreme’s Fall/Winter 2010 line came to fruition on Thursday when it launched in … READ MORE


STPL x Oakley History of Oakley by Staple Design | Holbrook + Frogskin Sunglasses

Something new and something old, the 3rd installment from The History of Oakley, a collaborative initiative by Oakley and Staple Design, highlights the past and present of the performance optic label with 2 additions – Holbrook and Frogskin. First up, the Oakley Holbrook. Though the silhouette maybe … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 8/16/2010 – 8/20/2010

New York City has been extremely busy (since when has it not been, but even more so this week, mainly with thanks to Nike) recently, and because of that, Freshness has been extremely busy as well. We have ran around the town from Madison Square Garden to … READ MORE


Oakley – X-Metal MARS Sunglasses

Entrepreneur and Oakley‘s founder James Jannard didn’t become a billionaire several times over by acceptance of the status quo. Ever the competitor, Jannard fiercely pursued methodology deemed impossible by most. Take MARS sunglasses from the Oakley X-Metal collection. First introduced in 1997, X-Metal MARS was originally fashioned … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 08/09/2010 – 08/13/2010

If Puma or adidas or any other ┬ásportswear competitors out there are hoping to eliminate competition for once and for all, pulling some covert operation in New York City would have been most efficient this past weekend because the entire Nike and more have gathered in the … READ MORE

Cycling Cap Black

Oakley – Cycling Cap

Oakley is known for its various sunglasses models yet its first product was the bicycle grip. So it is not surprising that these Cycling Caps have been released. The key feature is the obvious classic Oakley logo that span from front to the rear of the cap. … READ MORE


Eric Koston x Oakley – “Unified Berrics” Frogskins

Eric Koston has teamed up with Oakley to bring a touch of opulence to the classic Frogskins. Don’t worry, there is no excessive shiny studs involved, but the arms have indeed been rendered into a radiant, gradient gold which fades to translucent. Designed to match the Nike … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 7/12/2010 – 7/16/2010

Perhaps one of the biggest causes of celebration this week comes from the hopeful news of BP containing the ridiculous oil spill. Since Thursday, when new caps on the valves are closed, there has been no report of oil leaking into the Gulf anymore. Finally, an epic … READ MORE


Staple Design x Oakley 35th Anniversary The History of Oakley by Staple Design | Event Recap

When Reed Space proprietor, Jeff Staple, turned to us last evening and asked, “Do you think we’ve brought the essence of what Oakley is about to Reed Space tonight?” We were at a lost. Then again, knowing the perfectionists Jeff and Team Oakley are, we shouldn’t have. … READ MORE


STPL x Oakley – History of Oakley by Staple Design | Eyeshield + Radar Sunglasses

If you’re an avid reader of his former blog “To Darrin Hudson…“, you know designer/market maker Jeff Staple traveled the globe in search of the newest, the best, or simply for inspiration. So when a few inconspicuous photos of Oakley‘s fortress-like headquarter appeared last year, we knew … READ MORE


Oakley x STPL – A History of Oakley by Staple Design

Today, the mention of Oakley quickly evokes images of snow googles, Frogskins, and everything else related to the great outdoors will come rushing into the mind bit by bit. Most would not have remembered that three-and-a-half decades ago, Oakley started off with bicycle handle bar grips. Sure, … READ MORE