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Off The Wall TV – “Crack & Shine: Copenhagen” | Video

Copenhagen is a relatively small city by world standards, with only about a million residents in the city, yet this does not mean its graffiti scene is dormant. As it is one of the few cities in the world where buffing is not commonplace, the writers in … READ MORE


Off The Wall TV – “Crack & Shine: Detroit” | Video

The Rock City welcomed the crew from http://offthewall.tv/”>Off The Wall TV, who went about documenting the activities of graffiti writers making full use of the derelict and abandoned buildings around the city. Once a thriving industrial metropolis, Detroit has fallen dramatically in recent times, thanks to the … READ MORE


Off The Wall TV – “Crack & Shine International: Paris – Part 2″ | Video

Paris, a city that conjures up imagery of fashion, art, and beautiful architecture…however, graffiti and street art cultures also exist concurrently, fighting for their place in the French capital. http://offthewall.tv/”>Off The Wall TV’s popular series, Crack & Shine International, shines the light on Paris once again. In … READ MORE


Crack & Shine International Barcelona

The video series http://crackandshine.com/” target=”_blank”>Crack & Shine International, documenting graffiti culture across the globe, opens season 2 in the city of Barcelona. Produced by http://vans.com/” target=”_blank”>Vans’ http://offthewall.tv/” target=”_blank”>OffTheWall.TV and London-based creative agency Topsafe, and shot by filmmaker http://willrobsonscott.co.uk/” target=”_blank”>Will Robson-Scott, the video follows local graffiti writers through … READ MORE


Horween Leather x VANS

When the president of the http://horween.com/” target=”_blank”>Horween Leather Company decries the way in which the word “quality” has become diluted over the years, his words carry unique weight. After all, the celebrated tannery has operated out of the same location in Chicago for the past 91 years, … READ MORE


Off The Wall TV: Dimitri Coste VANS OTW Advocate | Video

The latest subject of http://offthewall.tv/” target=”_blank”>Off the Wall TV’s profiles of http://vans.com/microsites/otw/” target=”_blank”>Vans OTW Advocates centers around the multi-talented Dimitri Coste. The Parisian is something of a renaissance man, who splits his time as an artist, photographer and motorcycle and BMX enthusiast. Coste discusses his passion for … READ MORE


VANS – Since 66 | Video

From just one factory in California, http://vans.com/”>VANS began its humble life in 1966 by its founder, Paul Van Doren. The brand quickly grew in popularity alongside the skateboard movement, which was also taking traction. http://freshnessmag.com/tag/vans”>VANS have been behind skateboarding since day one, and have sponsored and supported … READ MORE


Off The Wall TV: Chris Kong VANS OTW Advocate | Video

http://offthewall.tv/” target=”_blank”>Offthewall.tv’s interview series with http://vans.com/microsites/otw/” target=”_blank”>Vans OTW Advocates, whose ranks includes http://freshnessmag.com/2012/06/06/off-the-wall-tv-lupe-fiasco-vans-otw-advocate-video/” target=”_blank”>Lupe Fiasco, Eric Elms and Dimitri Coste, shifts to Hong Kong for a conversation with Chris Kong, the owner and founder of http://garageworksindustries.com/” target=”_blank”>Garageworks Industries/Made by Monsters. The http://risd.edu/” target=”_blank”>RISD graduate, who joined the … READ MORE


VANS OTW – Eric Elms in Iceland | Video

In the latest installment of http://vans.com/microsites/otw “>VANS OTW video series, we take a trip to Iceland with OTW Advocate http://ericadorn.com “>Eric Elms. Here he takes a visit to his printer to oversee the final stages of printing for his http://andpress.com”>&Press project. The camera follows http://freshnessmag.com/tag/eric-elms/”>Elms as he … READ MORE


Off The Wall TV: Lupe Fiasco – VANS OTW Advocate | Video

http://lupefiasco.com/” target=”_blank”>Lupe Fiasco has been wearing http://vans.com/” target=”_blank”>Vans for years, so it made sense when the rapper was enlisted as a http://vans.com/microsites/otw/” target=”_blank”>Vans OTW Advocate back in January. In this latest Advocate spotlight video for http://offthewall.tv/” target=”_blank”>Off the Wall TV, Lupe discusses his dedication to his craft, … READ MORE


VANS Off The Wall TV – Pass The Bucket with Devon Blood | Video

It is hard to imagine what it feels like to be shot in the head with a gun at close range, let alone overcoming many obstacles after waking up from a coma. A tattoo artist by trade, http://devonbloodtattoo.com/”>Devon Blood used to be right-handed, and his work relied … READ MORE