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Standard Hotel x Jose Parla x OHWOW – Character Gestures | Video

If you are in Los Angeles area, yet you have not set foot inside OHWOW gallery to see the latest exhibition, Character Gestures by Jose Parla, then we suggest you do so today or tomorrow. The exhibition will be ending this Saturday, October 29th and there is … READ MORE


OHWOW – Terry Richardson “Hollywood” Exhibition

For those who like to plan out events far, far in advance: OHWOW has announced an upcoming installation from photographer Terry Richardson, “Hollywood,” that won’t open until February 2012. The OHWOW gallery, occupying a 4,000 square-foot space in West Hollywood that was formerly a Laundromat, is run … READ MORE


José Parlá – Character Gestures Exhibition at OHWOW | Los Angeles

OHWOW will be hosting the solo exhibition of José Parlá, showcasing his latest body of work. Character Gestures aims to explore his signature calligraphic text style over layered landscapes. ‘Character’ refers to the text, integrity and specific traits yet it also points to the performance of Parlá himself. … READ MORE

week in review 3_27_11

Freshness Week In Review: 3/20/2011 3/27/2011

Yet another week overshadowed by events on the geopolitical stage, but we’ll try to focus a bit on what happened within our own cultural circles. First off, a good old-fashioned Sneaker Con took place this week, with a good old-fashioned sneakerhead lineup stretching from Sullivan Street to … READ MORE


T Magazine Ask & Answered – OHWOW

Following up their successful OHWOW gallery in Miami, Aaron Bondaroff and Al Moran set out to expand into the West Coast, rather than staying in New York City. OHWOW Los Angeles just opened their premiere exhibition by Scott Campbell and it is making way for promising future … READ MORE


Scott Campbell – Noblesse Oblige Exhibition at OHWOW | Los Angeles

We gave a sneak peak into the studio of Scott Campbell and now everything is falling into place. The cut out dollar bills we saw became a part of the above artwork which is a sunken relief of a skull. In total Campbell used $11,000 worth of … READ MORE


OHWOW x Supreme Dill With F*ck This Life | Available Now

They said the struggles in life are just preparations for better things to come. They said there is a sliver lining to all obstacles and complications. What we want to know is, who the f*ck are “they” and how the f*ck they know? Life is full of … READ MORE


OHWOW Bar Installation by Todd James

With successful runs of installations and exhibitions at OHWOW’s pop-up Bar location, the folks from Miami’s OHWOW had engaged Todd James (aka REAS) to dress its pop-up bar space with his signature irreverent, provocative and colorful work. Given the freedom to transform the bar space into whatever … READ MORE