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OK Go’s Drone-Filmed Video for “I Won’t Let You Down”

Power-pop band http://okgo.net/” target=”_blank”>OK Go is back with another visual-feast video, this one for the new single “I Won’t Let You Down” from the album Hungry Ghosts, released earlier this month. Directed by Morihiro Harano, the five-minute clip begins in an empty warehouse, where band members execute … READ MORE


OK Go – “The Writing’s On The Wall” Optical Illusion Extravaganza | Video

Over the past few years, power pop band http://okgo.net/” target=”_blank”>OK Go treated fans to music videos that took the art form to new heights, whether it was elaborate treadmill-based dance routines or an even more elaborate one-shot take centered around a giant Rube Goldberg machine. The L.A.-based quartet follows … READ MORE


OK Go “White Knuckles” | Official Video

Playful anthem with a carefully choreographed movements, all have become the signatures of musical band http://okgo.net/” target=”_blank”>OK Go since their debut video, http://vimeo.com/8267567″ target=”_blank”>Here It Goes Again, in 2006. While synchronized routines are nothing new to the four-somes from Chicago. What is new to their latest music … READ MORE


OK Go – “End Love” | Official Video + Giveaway Contest

A ballad of unrequited love, a suitor’s angst, a mix bag of emotions… Painful and all too familiar, heavy subject not easily make light of, that is if you are excluding the creative mastery of rock band http://okgo.net/” target=”_blank”>OK Go. Hailed from Chicago via Los Angles, the … READ MORE