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Starbucks Espresso Journey – A Library on the Art of Coffee Making | By nendo

Tucked away at the heart of the trendy Omotesando neighborhood of Tokyo, the http://starbucks.co.jp/journey/store/?nid=sns” target=”_blank”>Starbucks Espresso Journey is truly a shrine that honors the art of coffee making. Conceptualized by architectural firm http://nendo.jp/en” target=”_blank”>nendo and its principal, http://nendo.jp/en” target=”_blank”>Oki Sato, who envisioned the temporary structure to be … READ MORE


PUMA House Tokyo | By nendo (Oki Sato)

While trained as an architect at the prestigious http://waseda.jp” target=”_blank”>Waseda University of Japan, http://nendo.jp” target=”_blank”>Oki Sato of the firm http://nendo.jp” target=”_blank”>nendo is known to have a penchant for a multitude of disciplines. Based on the desire, “Giving people a small “!” moment. There are so many small … READ MORE