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OriginalFake – Kaws Companion “Passing Through” Vinyl Figure Black | Release Reminder

Yesterday, http://freshnessmag.com/2013/05/07/originalfake-kaws-companion-passing-through-vinyl-figure-grey-release-reminder/”>the Grey Kaws Companion “Passing Through” figure hit the web store and sold out in roughly a minute. The final color of the Kaws Companion “Passing Through” series expects to do the same as it releases tomorrow at 12 noon EST http://kawsone.com/shop”>online and in- store at … READ MORE


OriginalFake – KAWS Companion “Passing Through” Vinyl Figure Grey | Release Reminder

Hot on the heels of a version http://freshnessmag.com/2013/04/11/originalfake-kaws-companion-passing-through-vinyl-figure-brown-release-reminder/” target=”_blank”>finished in brown, the KAWS Companion “Passing Through” Vinyl Figure in grey is scheduled to release tomorrow. Constituting some of the final pieces from http://original-fake.com/” target=”_blank”>OriginalFake’s farewell tour, the “Passing Through” Companion is one of the more expressive pieces … READ MORE


OriginalFake x DRx Romanelli – 2013 Capsule Collection

For the many fans who are still “numb” from the abrupt end http://original-fake.com” target=”_blank”>OriginalFake, brand co-owners http://medicomtoy.co.jp” target=”_blank”>MEDICOM TOY and Brooklyn-base artist http://kawsone.com” target=”_blank”>KAWS decided to soften the blow with a special capsule collection curated by http://drromanelli.com” target=”_blank”>Dr. Romanelli. Straight from his most recent project with Stussy … READ MORE


OriginalFake KAWS Companion “Resting Place” Vinyl Figure – Grey | Available

http://original-fake.com/” target=”_blank”>OriginalFake bows out this season with a final collection highlighted by this neutral grey colorway of the KAWS “Resting Place” Companion. Measuring 23 centimeters (9 inches) tall, the figure leans back with a dull matte finish on the completed side, while the exposed organs on the … READ MORE


OriginalFake – KAWS Companion Incense Stand

Next weekend is proving to be a big day for http://kawsone.com/”>KAWS figure collectors, as http://original-fake.com/”>OriginalFake is scheduling to launch the http://freshnessmag.com/2013/04/16/originalfake-kaws-mini-darth-vader-mini-stormtrooper-figures/”>Mini Darth Vader and Mini Stormtroopers amongst few more items. Not to be overshadowed by the Star Wars-inspired figurines, this all-black KAWS Companion Incense Stand is set … READ MORE


OriginalFake – KAWS Mini Darth Vader + Mini Stormtrooper Figures

On the heels of a stellar of http://freshnessmag.com/2013/01/14/originalfake-kaws-boba-fett-vinyl-figure/” target=”_blank”>KAWS Boba Fett figure — featuring an impressively scuffed and banged up exterior to reflect its cinematic counterpart — http://original-fake.com/” target=”_blank”>OriginalFake mines the Star Wars universe once again, this time producing a KAWS Mini Darth Vader and Mini Stormtrooper. … READ MORE


OriginalFake – KAWS Companion “Passing Through” Vinyl Figure Brown | Release Reminder

Because the news came to light on April 1st, few were suspicious at first of it being an elaborate April Fools’ hoax. No longer the case now as http://original-fake.com” target=”_blank”>OriginalFake, http://kawsone.com” target=”_blank”>KAWS, and Japan’s http://medicomtoy.co.jp” target=”_blank”>MEDICOM TOY get ready to launch the brown version of KAWS Companion … READ MORE


OriginalFake x Peanuts “JOE KAWS” Snoopy Cushion

A perfect way to close out his collaborative label http://original-fake.com” target=”_blank”>OriginalFake, Brooklyn-base artist http://kawsone.com” target=”_blank”>Brian Donnelly, better known by his nom de plume http://kawsone.com” target=”_blank”>KAWS, is bring back “JOE KAWS” for the label’s final collection.  A cross between http://peanuts.com/” target=”_blank”>Snoopy‘s alter ego and KAWS creation, http://freshnessmag.com/2011/10/27/originalfake-x-peanuts-joe-kaws-snoopy-vinyl-release-info/” target=”_blank”>JOE … READ MORE


OriginalFake – KAWS Astro Boy Vinyl Figure – Grey

Just as the http://original-fake.com/”>OriginalFake brand comes to an end in a few months time, this monotone version of the KAWS Astro Boy vinyl figure can’t help but look a little somber. Aesthetically, this grey figure is the same as its http://freshnessmag.com/2012/10/10/originalfake-astro-boy-vinyl-toy-by-kaws/”>fully colored sibling that launched last year. … READ MORE


OriginalFake KAWS Companion Resting Place Vinyl Figure Black | Release Reminder

Originally part of the http://freshnessmag.com/2013/02/22/originalfake-kaws-companion-resting-place-vinyl-figure-grey-black-release-reminder/” target=”_blank”>Grey + Black Pack released last weekend in Tokyo, the Black Version of KAWS’s Companion “Resting Place” Vinyl Figure from OriginalFake will finally be available stateside today. A gesture to mark the http://freshnessmag.com/2013/01/17/kaws-and-medicom-toy-to-close-originalfake-brand-officially-announced/”>end of an era as OriginalFake, the trendsetting lifestyle brand … READ MORE


OriginalFake KAWS Companion “Resting Place” Vinyl Figure – Grey + Black | Release Reminder

Today marks the http://freshnessmag.com/2013/01/17/kaws-and-medicom-toy-to-close-originalfake-brand-officially-announced/”>end of an era as OriginalFake, the trendsetting lifestyle brand started by http://medicomtoy.co.jp/”>MEDICOM TOY, Brooklyn-based artist http://kawsone.com/”>KAWS, along with http://nexus7vn.com” target=”_blank”>NEXUSVII, puts out what could quite possibly be its very last vinyl figure. Thus, it is quite fitting for the caricature to be Companion, … READ MORE