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mastermind JAPAN x OriginalFake – Collaboration T-Shirt

In a surprising coincidence, http://mastermindjapan.com/”>mastermind JAPAN and http://original-fake.com/”>OriginalFake have collaborated with each other in their last collection before closing their respective brands. The bold print graphic of this t-shirt looks somewhat somber, as to say their last farewell together. http://specialproduct.jp/”>Special Product Design curated this project, and these … READ MORE


OriginalFake – KAWS Companion “Resting Place” Apparel Collection

Although their sudden announcement of ending their brand is sad news for fans, it seems http://original-fake.com/”>OriginalFake will make this last collection as memorable as possible. Without a doubt, these Companion illustrated garments will definitely be missed in the years to come. Marking the last of the series, … READ MORE


OriginalFake – KAWS Resting Place Companion Vinyl Figure – Black + Gray

Following up on the http://freshnessmag.com/2012/08/28/originalfake-x-kaws-companion-resting-place-apparel-collection/” target=”_blank”>original piece that found his signature Companion figure in peaceful repose, http://kawsone.com/” target=”_blank”>KAWS and http://medicomtoy.co.jp” target=”_blank”>MEDICOM TOY are set to release new grey and black versions of the “Resting Place” Companion. The former is finished entirely in varying shades of grey and … READ MORE


HAVEN – “Land of the Rising Sun: HAVEN in Tokyo” | Video

Tokyo is the epitome of the ever-evolving city that never sleeps. From larger than life retail stores to niche back alley eateries, the capital city of Japan never ceases to amaze its visitors and inhabitants. Canadian select store, http://havenshop.ca”>HAVEN, flew across the Pacific Ocean to indulge in … READ MORE


OriginalFake – Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

Following http://freshnessmag.com/2013/01/17/kaws-and-medicom-toy-to-close-originalfake-brand-officially-announced/” target=”_blank”>the announcement that http://original-fake.com/” target=”_blank”>OriginalFake is closing up shop in May 2013, the brand presents what amounts to its swan song in the form of the Spring/Summer 2013 collection. The assortment contains few surprises, featuring a range of wardrobe essentials all adorned with http://kawsone.com/” target=”_blank”>KAWS’ … READ MORE


KAWS and MEDICOM TOY To Close OriginalFake Brand | Officially Announced

Sorry to say this but its official folks, http://medicomtoy.co.jp” target=”_blank”>MEDICOM TOY and http://kawsone.com” target=”_blank”>KAWS will be “killing off” the http://original-fake.com” target=”_blank”>OriginalFake brand this year. Nearly a week after MEDICOM TOY uploaded a tombstone illusration inscribed with the name “OriginalFake” and touched off a firestorm of rumors, artist … READ MORE


KAWS and MEDICOM TOY Planning To Close The OriginalFake Label | Rumor

While quite ambiguous, a simple illustration by KAWS touched off  a firestorm of rumors and second guesses. Along side a product preview for Spring/Summer 2013, the drawing features a tombstone inscribed with KAWS’ iconic “X-ed” signature, the name http://original-fake.com” target=”_blank”>OriginalFake and the brand establishment year of 2006. … READ MORE


OriginalFake – KAWS Boba Fett Vinyl Figure

Cue up John Williams’ Star Wars theme as http://original-fake.com” target=”_blank”>OriginalFake unveiled its next vinyl figure, the http://kawsone.com” target=”_blank”>KAWS Boba Fett. In similar likeness to infamous galactic bounty hunter with the additions of “X-ed” eyes and skull head like those on KAWS’ Companion figures, the special edition will … READ MORE


OriginalFake – KAWS Woodstock Vinyl Figure | Release Reminder

In a true sense of the word “companion”, the tiny yellow bird that took up residence at http://peanuts.com/” target=”_blank”>Snoopy’s dog house recently gone through a “make-over”. Fashioned after artist http://kawsone.com” target=”_blank”>KAWS’ own Companion caricature, Snoopy’s best friend Woodstock is now vinyl collectable by http://medicomtoy.co.jp” target=”_blank”>MEDICOM TOY. Originally … READ MORE


OriginalFake – 2013 New Year Items | From fragment design & KAWS Astro Boy

‘Tis the season for capsule collections and http://original-fake.com/” target=”_blank”>OriginalFake continues their New Year seasonal releases with the help of http://fragment.jp/” target=”_blank”>fragment design and Astro Boy. The collection is based on a range of http://kawsone.com/shop” target=”_blank”>KAWS-drawn t-shirts topped off with an Astro Boy Companion vinyl toy all set … READ MORE


OriginalFake – KAWS Woodstock Figure

Wherever Snoopy goes, Woodstock is guaranteed to follow him. Thus, when http://original-fake.com/”>OriginalFake unveiled the http://freshnessmag.com/2011/10/24/originalfake-x-peanuts-joe-kaws-snoopy-vinyl/”>”Joe KAWS” Snoopy Figure back in October, some intuitive customers may have predicted the additional release of this KAWS Woodstock Figure. http://kawsone.com/”>KAWS customized the figure with obligatory crosses on its eyes and bones … READ MORE