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OriginalFake – Spring/Summer 2012 Apparel Collection | Preview

OriginalFake‘s Spring/Summer 2012 apparel collection features a solid lineup of menswear essentials, including woven shirts, polos, chinos, distressed denim and an assortment of lightweight layers, all in a color palette that’s dominated by subtle colors and neutral shades. Highlights include the striped Border Crewneck Knit in a … READ MORE


OriginalFake – Spring/Summer 2012 Accessories Collection | Preview

A consistently strong accessories program is one hallmark of KAWS’ OriginalFake brand, and a preview look at Spring/Summer 2012 reveals the upcoming collection is no exception. Highlights include a fresh assortment of headwear — jacquard knit caps adorned with signature Xes or chompers, as well as all-cotton … READ MORE


OriginalFake – Spring/Summer 2012 Outerwear Collection | Preview

As many of us in the Northern Hemisphere is longing for the sunshine and warmer weather, OriginalFake is beginning to present their Spring/Summer 2012 collection. These should bring smiles to OriginalFake fans and their outerwear range is looking solid as usual. Consisting of 3 Layer Jackets, Coach … READ MORE


OriginalFake x MEDICOM TOY – KAWS Partners Figure + T-Shirts

OriginalFake and MEDICOM TOY are unveiling a very interesting project titled KAWS Partners. The usually reserved KAWS have been molded into a figure alongside his long time partner in crime, the Companion. Resembling a bronze statue, the miniature figures are set up on a circular base. KAWS is seen … READ MORE


OriginalFake x Peanuts “JOE KAWS” Mugs

KAWS’ evolution from graffiti writer to full-fledged pop artist began with a key. Specifically, a skeleton key, presented by fellow graff artist Barry McGee, that opened the glass advertising boxes on New York City’s phone booths and bus stops. Soon, KAWS was defacing those ads with Xed … READ MORE


OriginalFake x fragment design – Girl Circle Pink T-Shirt

The Girl Circle graphic by KAWS first appeared on the OriginalFake t-shirt way back in 2008 for its Fall/Winter season. Three years later, Hiroshi Fujiwara is reviving the popular monochromatic graphic once again. Even though for this collaboration t-shirt, the girl is placed inside the brightly colored … READ MORE


OriginalFake – Pea Coat

The cold weather might be unbearable but there is a benefit to this season. It gives us the opportunity to layer up and wear heavy jackets and coats we have been looking forward to throw on our backs. In case you have exhausted your options, OriginalFake have … READ MORE


OriginalFake – Companion Snowman T-Shirt

In a simple, but universally-understood tribute to the winter season, OriginalFake released the Companion Snowman T-shirt this past weekend, featuring the original KAWS Companion character building a snowy self-portrait of himself. Coming in four colors – black, grey, red and white – this 100% cotton short-sleeve tee will … READ MORE


OriginalFake x Loopwheeler – Sweat Varisty Jacket | Available Now

Considering the difficulties in locating this, or for that matter, any items from OriginalFake this side of the Pacific. Canadian retailer HAVEN saved you from the frustration and stress with the release of OriginalFake x Loopwheeler – Sweat Varisty Jacket. Made from the resilient Loopwheeler cotton jersey, … READ MORE


OriginalFake x Gallery 1950 – Skull Mat

When you run out of gift ideas for a friend who seem to have everything already, how about this great item from OriginalFake. The Companion graphic is probably the most iconic artwork by KAWS and it is translated onto a mat produced by Gallery1950 in Japan. Made … READ MORE


NEXUSVII x OriginalFake – Water Repellent Parka

OriginalFake reached out to fellow Tokyo brand NEXUSVII in producing high quality outerwear. The Water Repellent Parkas are based on the NEXUSVII NEX-WCS Level-4 mountain parka, boasting superior water repelling properties. To ensure highest standard of quality, each jacket is produced by Goldwin who is also a … READ MORE