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Outlier Ultrahigh Duffle

Outlier has a knack for taking highly functional basics and making them even better. Case in point is the brand’s Ultrahigh Duffle, built with a nonwoven composite polyethylene material and a compressible rolltop design, one that accommodates either light or heavy packing. A double action strap is designed for quick conversion between … READ MORE


Outlier Airspace Pullover

Outlier‘s ethos has always been to combine style, comfort, function and technology, all of which coalesce in the brand’s Airspace Pullover, featuring a unique open three-dimensional polyester knit construction. The build allows for free airflow across the body during movement, but offers insulation as the body starts to cool down … READ MORE


Outlier M-Back Doubleweave FreeShell Jacket

Brooklyn’s Outlier has introduced a new winterweight fabric in the form of the M-Back Doubleweave, a breathable and lightweight material weighing in at 200gsm and featuring a dense nylon outer face, good for breathable protection from the elements. The inner face, meanwhile, is finished in soft brushed 19 … READ MORE


Outlier Shank Jacket

Outlier‘s new Shank Jacket is not — as the brand is quick to point out — a denim jacket. Rather, it’s what a denim jacket should be. The slim-fitting silhouette is built with Outlier’s durable Workcloth, with the zoned application of OG Cloth on the back sides of the … READ MORE


Outlier Vented Double Hood

Made with premium 17.5 micron merino, the Outlier Vented Double Hood is all about the drape, constructed as a long sleeved cardigan with a convertible vented cowl hood. Additional features include deep side pockets and a custom Mombasa poly button with webbing closure, applied to a long, … READ MORE


Outlier – Linenblade Pivot Shirt

Thanks to Outlier, linen isn’t just for summer any longer. The Brooklyn-based label’s new Linenblade Pivot shirt is woven with a 180gsm cotton and linen blend, originally intended for use as a suiting fabric and now repurposed for heavyweight shirting. The superior breathability of linen is complemented by the structure and … READ MORE

OUTLIER - Ultralight Freeshell Jacket 00

OUTLIER – Ultralight Freeshell Jacket

You might be wondering why there is a shell jacket designed for summer season, but there is a perfectly logical reason for OUTLIER to develop this Ultralight Freeshell jacket. UV rays and other harmful rays can damage our skin and accelerate dehydration especially in summer; therefore, it … READ MORE


OUTLIER – Futureworks Pants

Your life doesn’t slow down just because of the weather. You still have to get out there and get things done and the latest set of pants from OUTLIER, the Futureworks Pants, are made specifically to get you through it. Made to move, yet built to be … READ MORE

OUTLIER - OG Shell Jacket 05

OUTLIER – OG FreeShell Jacket

OUTLIER does not take half measures when they develop a garment or fabric. This OG FreeShell jacket is a great example of the brand’s philosophy and ethos, where functionality and clean design work harmoniously. Cut to maximize free movement, this item features four way stretch cloth that … READ MORE

OUTLIER - Ultramerinosuede Collection 11

OUTLIER – Ultramerinosuede Collection

Always on the lookout for fresh new fabrics, OUTLIER managed to create a blend that brings together the best of natural and synthetic materials. They have combined merino and ultrasuede materials for a high performance collection. Merino is one of the best natural materials out there, possessing … READ MORE


OUTLIER Doublebag

Outlier‘s new Doublebag presents a convenient way to keep your clothes separate while traveling. It’s essentially two bags in one, featuring openings on either end and a movable partition in the middle. The divider will gradually move as the trip progresses, making room for the section that … READ MORE