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OUTLIER – Supermarine Shell Jacket

From fabric, to cut, to coloring, OUTLIER has thought of it all when it comes to their Supermarine Shell Jacket. They built this jacket to be the pinnacle of outerwear of its class, with an extremely breathable, highly water resistant, and completely windproof design that moves with … READ MORE


OUTLIER – North River Overshirt

The great thing about OUTLIER apparel is that while they perform like technical garments, they look no where close to being  well, technical. Each shirt in their line-up is built with a purpose, allowing cyclists and active guys to get what they need to do done and … READ MORE


OUTLIER – Blazed Two-Ply Pivot Shirt

OUTLIER‘s Tyler Clemens and Abe Burmeister have a strong passion for riding, one that they feel shouldn’t be hampered by the need to make a seamless transition from the saddle to the office. And as seen with the releases we previewed earlier today with the Freeflannel Overshirt … READ MORE


OUTLIER – Air Forged Oxford Shirt

Durable and quick drying, the Air Forged Oxford is OUTLIER‘s interpretation of the classic oxford shirt. It’s constructed from fine 100% Supplex nylon fibers that have been texturized using an air jet process, effectively mimicking the distinctive basket weave pattern on traditional oxford cloth. The fabric has … READ MORE


OUTLIER – Freeflannel Overshirt

Outlier continues to amaze with their most recent addition to their apparel line, the Freeflannel Overshirt. Constructed from a stretch cotton that is “brushed for comfort and warmth,” this shirt will have you wondering if you ever left your bed that morning. Outlier also constructed the Freeflannel … READ MORE


OUTLIER – Supermoon Soft Core Vest

Insulated vests provide you with a lot of freedom: keeping your core warm, they allow your arms to move free and be active. And this latest from OUTLIER combines English tweed wool with Supermarine Cotton for a dry, versatile warmth that – we must agree with the … READ MORE


OUTLIER – Supermarine Soft Core Jacket

Outlier‘s latest addition to their cold-weather arsenal is this Supermarine Soft Core Jacket, which demonstrates that bigger and thicker doesn’t necessarily mean better in the outerwear world. Essentially an incredibly insulated and versatile jacket, the Supermarine is built with a cotton shell with fibers that swell up … READ MORE


OUTLIER – Supermarine Rain Shirt

Built with what Outlier characterizes as the best rainy day fabric around, the brand’s Supermarine Rain Shirt provides shelter from the storm but is comfortable enough to wear year-round. Outlier’s Pivot Sleeve design is built into the shirt, crafted from an Italian-milled, yarn-dyed Supermarine Cotton weighing in … READ MORE


OUTLIER – New OG Pants

New York City’s local cycling-friendly label OUTLIER has introduced an updated version of their signature OG Pant, straightforwardly named the New OG Pant. The cut first launched back in 2009 and it was immediately apparent that these are no where close to your grandfather’s khaki’s. Made with … READ MORE



A versatile and durable blazer is the staple of every man’s wardrobe. Capable of moving effortlessly from the boardroom, to Happy Hour, and on to a first date, this piece is something you can build your day around. Lucky for us, OUTLIER has taken this concept to even newer heights, creating … READ MORE


OUTLIER – Supermarine Rain Pant

Sourced from Switzerland and treated with durable water resistance (DWR), OUTLIER‘s Supermarine cotton has a tightly woven construction that makes it one of the most weatherproof materials around. Its latest application takes the form of OUTLIER’s new Rain Pant, which means combining the fabric with the brand’s … READ MORE