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OUTLIER – Fall 2012 Collection Lookbook | “Layers, Movement and Light”

“Layers, Movement and Light” is the all too appropriate title for OUTLIER‘s latest Fall 2012 lookbook. Shot by Emiliano Granado, the artfully composed images convey a central tenet of OUTLIER’s sensibility — namely, the importance of movement as a driving force in the brand’s designs. It’s a … READ MORE


OUTLIER – Nyco Slims

If you’ve been following OUTLIER for the last few months, you already know from their Rockaway Pivot Shirt and the Ultralight Blazer that there’s more to their apparel than just their good looks. OUTLIER infuses all of their gear with fabrics and design features that make them strong … READ MORE


OUTLIER – Ultralight Blazer

Guys in the know will tell you that a blazer is the one piece that everyone should have in his closet, and a style that’s lightweight, breathable and built for movement is one that you should go out of your way to obtain. Lucky for us, the … READ MORE


OUTLIER Interview By Craig Holzer | Video

In a video interview by Craig Holzer, Outlier co-founder Abe Burmeister explains an “outlier” is someone who lives in the outlying regions — a commuter, in other words. But the name is a fitting one for the company because it also connotes uniqueness, of being informed with … READ MORE


OUTLIER – Experimental Sunshirt

If you are planning to go out in the sun for a long duration, it might be a good idea to consider wearing this Experimental Sunshirt from OUTLIER. It’s made from seersucker material, which is optimized for UV protection and breathability, increasing airflow within while decreasing contact … READ MORE


OUTLIER – Rockaway Pivot Shirt

OUTLIER has a summer treat in store for fans of the brand, as they have just launched the Rockaway Pivot Shirt. Perfect for the current weather, the conventional short sleeve shirt is fitted with the original pivot sleeve pattern. It integrates the sleeves and back panels to … READ MORE


OUTLIER – Supermarine Anorak Jacket

The Supermarine Anorak Jacket started out as an experimental piece from OUTLIER, yet the outcome was so exceptional that a small number of them were mass-produced. Constructed from Italian Supermarine Cotton, the weather resistant pullover jacket features a unique magnetic front piece, marrying style and functionality perfectly. … READ MORE


OUTLIER – Ultrafine Merino T-Shirt

Although many synthetic technical materials can deliver similar results, nothing beats natural fabrics as far as feel and comfort go. OUTLIER is releasing two new colorways of their classic Ultrafine Merino T-Shirts. The Merino used in these garments is 17.5 micron merino, which is superior in pulling … READ MORE


OUTLIER – Cali Short Sleeve Pivot Shirt

OUTLIER continues to reinvent their looks, building on products with top quality and smooth design giving ultimately giving birth to new products with their own unique personalities. The latest example of this experimentation is their Cali Short Sleeve Pivot Shirt, which takes their long-sleeve version and transforms it with sun-bleached Brazilian … READ MORE


OUTLIER – FreeShell Jacket

OUTLIER designed the FreeShell to be an all-rounder jacket that can handle various temperatures and situations. Whether it is cycling in cool weather or going to a meeting in sunshine, this streamlined jacket will keep you looking fresh. Constructed from 4Season fabric, the jacket does not restrict … READ MORE


OUTLIER – Cargo Shorts

The cargo shorts may not be the most fashionable style, yet the Brooklyn based OUTLIER have refined the classic military design into a stylish silhouette. Apart from the cleaner aesthetic, these shorts are made using 60/30 fabric, a blend of cotton and nylon with a four-way stretch. … READ MORE