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OUTLIER – Cargo Shorts

The cargo shorts may not be the most fashionable style, yet the Brooklyn based OUTLIER have refined the classic military design into a stylish silhouette. Apart from the cleaner aesthetic, these shorts are made using 60/30 fabric, a blend of cotton and nylon with a four-way stretch. … READ MORE


PSFK – Abe Burmeister: How I Built A Fashion Brand With No Experience, Just Punk Rock Spirit | Video

At this year’s PSFK Conference in New York, Abe Burmeister described how he co-founded the OUTLIER brand through dint of a punk rock spirit. A graphic designer by trade, Abe admits he had no idea how to make clothes. He recognized a deficiency in the marketplace for … READ MORE


OUTLIER – Three Way Long Shorts

Ever the perfectionists, the OUTLIER brand takes feedback from customers seriously, and they have taken the extra steps to develop these Three Way Long Shorts. The actual specs of these garments have not changed from the previous Three Way siblings, however their length has been extended by … READ MORE


OUTLIER x The Hill-Side – Spring Vest

Brooklyn labels OUTLIER and The Hill-Side are teaming up for this Spring Vest. The Hill-Side offered their Ocean Print, an intricate design made up of thousands of simple strokes, mimicking the waves in the sea. This lightweight soft core vest is made with 18.8 micron Superfine merino … READ MORE


Complex – Cut & Show: OUTLIER Interview | Video

When it comes down to it, men love functionality. OUTLIER founders and designers Tyler Clemens and Abe Burmeister set out to produce one of the most sophisticated menswear out there without looking too technical. Their subtle approach to redesigning classic garments have definitely paid off and have … READ MORE

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OUTLIER – Strongcloth Vest

Tough and rugged on the outside, smooth and soft at its core, OUTLIER‘s new Strongcloth Vest proudly carries the Brooklyn-based outfitter’s torch forward into the Spring 2012 season. Built perfectly for spring, the Strongcloth vest’s exterior is made of super fine Supplex fibers that were refined using … READ MORE


OUTLIER x FEIT Supermarines – 2012 Edition

Outlier and Feit have come together once again to present this year’s edition of the Supermarine sneaker. Carrying a cleanly designed upper formed with just two seams, the handmade shoe has an exterior crafted from Supermarine Cotton, a water resistant and breathable fabric that uses the longest-staple … READ MORE

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OUTLIER – Doublefine Merino Cardigan

Brooklyn’s OUTLIER believes their new Doublefine Merino Cardigan hits “the sweet spot between a sport coat and a hoodie,” and they have built quite the case to back up this claim. Constructed of double-faced superfine 18.8 micron merino wool, this cardigan is incredibly soft and, since its built by … READ MORE


OUTLIER – 60/30 Chino Pants

Brooklyn-based OUTLIER focuses on making performance apparel that looks nothing less than classy. Taking facts well known to the cycling world, including the importance of flexible and durable fabrics, OUTLIER built their new 60/30 Chino Pants – a cotton and micro-denier nylon pant specifically engineered to move like a bike short and withstand … READ MORE