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OUTLIER – Pivot Sleeve Shirt

Old world tradition meets 21st Century functionality. The latest from New York-base apparel label OUTLIER is the Pivot Sleeve Shirt. A traditional button down would function quite well under a normal range of motions. However, when applied to task, such as cycling, the existing tailor methods come undone. READ MORE


OUTLIER x ML Brown & Co. – Leather Braided Key Chain

The quality manufacturer for urban cyclists, OUTLIER, is known for making some of the most durable and spiffy clothes geared towards city life on bicycles. The label has an uncompromising approach to quality and it is rather apparent through OUTLIER’s relentless quest for superhero grade fabric (khakis … READ MORE



The OUTLIER has a method approach to clothes making. The New York bred label’s uncompromising attitude on quality, technicality and function reigns supreme with local production. Using the same meticulous attitude they have towards all items in their collection, the label tackles the creation of its new … READ MORE


OUTLIER – Merino Wool Hoodie

With the advent of even more sophisticated technical wear and textile-manufacturing method, there’s been an “unexpected return”, from both designers and consumers, to natural fabric in recent years. One reason is of course a more eco-conscious consumer base. But another is READ MORE


OUTLIER – Workwear Pants

Denim might be a great all-around wear to have.   That is till you have a daily bike cruise on the streets of New York.   When the folks over at OUTLIER realized they were going through several pairs of denim each year, they decided to do … READ MORE

OUTLIER - Nailhead Worsted Wool Cyclist Cap (Black)

OUTLIER – Nailhead Worsted Wool Cyclist Cap

Designed by milliner Victor Osborne for OUTLIER, the Nailhead Cap is unlike most short brim cyclist’s cap on the market. The key difference is its fine worsted wool construction. Contrary to popular perception, wool of certain caliber could best cotton in breathability and moisture absorbation. By selecting … READ MORE