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Freshness Interview with Larry Johnson from Packer x Fila Event

The Packer release of the Fila FX-100 was a celebratory event for all the parties involved. Packer and Fila are both commemorating 100 years in the business, and Larry Johnson’s 4-point play to beat the Pacers brought it all together for the in store-appearance of the baller … READ MORE


Fila x Packer Shoes x Larry Johnson | Event Recap

The vibe at Packer Shoes in Teaneck New Jersey is just what you would think it would be if you are familiar with the family-run business who’s celebrating their 100th anniversary this year, as there was an unmistakable feeling of excitement and community among the crowd who … READ MORE

Packer Shoes Update – Air Max 90 Safari, etc.

Nike has released the Air Max 90 Safari once again, but this time as a Hybrid Air Max 90 Boot. This update includes Hemp Blazers, multi panel Camo Dunkesto, Air Force 1 Supreme Max Air ’07 London, Air Max 90 Armed Forces, Air Max 1 Flannel Pack, … READ MORE