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Tour the Pagani Modenese Atelier Headquarters with Google Maps

Google Maps has taken desktop voyagers through public spaces like New York’s Central Park, as well as the Ducati museum in Bologna, Italy, and now the free Internet service takes users to the Modenese Atelier of Pagani Automobili. Google Street View allows virtual visitors to navigate the showroom of the … READ MORE


Pagani Zonda Revolucion – Final Edition

Synonymous to the name “Pagani” since automotive engineer Horacio Pagani started his eponymous firm back in 1992, the Zonda Revolucion supercar seen here will mark the end to the Zonda model line.  Unveiled during this week’s Vanishing Point 2013: The International Pagani Gathering, the Zonda Revolucion features a … READ MORE


Pagani Zonda Inspired Paper-Super-Craft

In time it takes you to make puny paper airplane, you can watch as artist Taras Lesko creates a one-of-a-kind Pagani Zonda Paper-Super-Craft. Thanks to the wonders of timelapse, you can watch as Lesko (aka VisualSplicer) works at high-speed to cut, assemble, and paint a 2.5 foot … READ MORE


100 Most Powerful Cars of All Time – 2012 Edition

Edmunds, in compiling its list of the top 100 Most Powerful Cars of All Time, asserts that today “is the golden age of automotive power.” Unsurprisingly, the majority of cars listed below are less than ten years old, with the weakest of the lot made with 544 … READ MORE


Pagani Huayra Story – A Documentary | Video

Italian automaker Pagani unveiled the Huayra at last year’s Geneva Motor Show, and with the first delivery of the supercar about to make its way to customers around the world in April (the U.S. market facing a bit of a delay until 2013), Pagani has released a … READ MORE

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PAGANI Huayra – Carbon Edition

Lined up next to exotic and powerful cars from the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Bentley at the Geneva Motor Show is a car from a brand famous for being a bit more obscure and unconventional, the PAGANI. Earlier this year the Italian sports car manufacturer introduced … READ MORE

PAGANI Huayra – Available In The U.S. Later This Year

For the last 10 years, the supercar known as PAGANI Zonda only appeared only in 2 forms garage trophy of Wall Street bankers gambling on mortgage securities and nocturnal emissions of car enthusiasts. Now comes confirmation that its successor, the PAGANI Huayra, will be available in the … READ MORE


Freshness Week in Review: 1/23/2011 – 1/30/2011

The last week of January was dominated by shoes and cars; let’s jump right into it: Jordan Brand released the Jordan 2011 this week, which even non-sneaker heads can’t help but notice.  The new Jordan was released with all the expected fanfare, including a bevy of limited … READ MORE



Deep within the Andes sleeps the God of Wind, Huayra Tata, who rules the mountain range and fertile land with his wife, Pachamama, the Goddess of Earth. Though calm for long duration, Huayra would whipped up violent rainstorms blizzards when astir.  Similarly, the Huayra by PAGANI Automobili … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 11/22/2010 11/26/2010

Believe us when we tell you that we were “armed” to the teeth for Black Friday, that one day of the year all trend reporters lived for. First, we had a dozy of a checklist ranging from down jackets, thermal long johns, lounge chairs and so on. … READ MORE

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EA – Need For Speed – Hot Pursuit – Behind the Scenes

We showed the live-action commercial for EA’s Need For Speed earlier today, and it’s pretty amazing – if you haven’t watched it yet, check it out. As a follow up, here are the behind-the-scenes shots from Hot Pursuit, with images of the Lamborghini and the Pagani getting … READ MORE