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Capsule Show 2010 – Palladium – Spring 2011

Revival of archive, resurgence of heritage, these are the themes of 2010 and onward to 2011, with exception of Palladium. After a deep root tapping the previous 2 seasons, the 100+ year boot maker is doing something quite different for Spring 2011 with the introduction of summer … READ MORE


Neil Barrett x Palladium Boots | Available Now

A unique ensemble of contemporary and heritage as Palladium introduced its limited collection with British designer Neil Barrett. No stranger to art of “mixing it up”, Barrett’s skill sets, talents, and versatility all are invaluable as the designers trounced on challenges after challenges, seasons after seasons. There … READ MORE


Palladium x VICE – Bread & Butter Pirate Radio Station | Streaming Live

What was once a fringe but unique idea, the concept of “pop-up” is now distilled to a single format only, retail. To rekindle the originality behind it, boot maker Palladium and media brand VICE designated its concept of “pop-up” not with consumerism, but with audiophile as the … READ MORE


Palladium – Enzyme Washed Canvas Collection

Once upon a time, before Palladium were making durable boots, more specifically, the iconic Pampa Boot which is practically indestructible, they were welding the same tire-making technology and rubber-expertise in the aviation industry, making aircraft tires. Thus, the heritage label’s penchant and obsession with durability lives on … READ MORE


Palladium London Pirate Radio

Recently turned into a blockbuster feature, Pirate Radio, its eponymous movement started in the 1960s UK when pop radio stations were broadcasting songs from offshore, and eventually became the antithesis of BBC, who virtually monopolized the radio. Tapping into the rich culture and heritage of music and … READ MORE

Palladium – Spring/Summer 2010 – Pampa Hi

Hemp is the new canvas in footwear this season, and 60 year old heritage label, Palladium, is quick to pick up the more eco-friendly material that is lightweight yet tough and durable. Palladium has remade one of its classic models, the Pampa Hi boot with 100% hemp … READ MORE


Neil Barrett x Palladium

British designer Neil Barrett is one of those designer with an interesting myriad of experiences under his belt, and as such his extensive resume has perhaps contributed to his eclectic style. Not only is the designer well-versed in classic menswear and fluent in the language of Savile … READ MORE


Palladium Boots

As global tension escalates and technology hits a new growth spurt in 1920s, Palladium found its place in the world as the purveyor of high quality tires for aircrafts. The company grew until post World War II when the demand for aircraft tires decreased drastically, and the … READ MORE