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World War Z – Official Trailer 1 | Video

Horror film classics like Night of the Living Dead, current hits such as The Walking Dead, and even to some extent Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later, have all reassured us our odds of survivability in the face of a zombie apocalypse. World War Z, a new film … READ MORE


Mark Wahlberg To Join Transformers 4: The Movie | Teaser

Movie director Michael Bay had his own “more than meets the eye” moment last month with the Hollywood press. When reports came in on actor Mark Wahlberg’s lead role in Transformers 4, Bay first denied it unequivocally. Then came a statement on his website: “I squashed a … READ MORE


“Iron Man 3″ – Official Trailer | Video

The first trailer for “Iron Man 3″ finds the Marvel franchise taking a dark turn. We hear Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) complain about nightmares, as well as the constant unease he feels from knowing there are hundreds of people gunning for his head. He tells Pepper … READ MORE

Daniel Simon's Film Work Captain America Marvel

Marvel’s Captain America Vehicles | By Daniel Simon

Marvel’s Captain America has been available on DVD for several weeks now – more than enough time to scrutinize and pick apart every aspect of the movie’s production. One thing that fans of the genre are sure to be paying attention to are the vehicles – submarines, … READ MORE