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Lexus GS 350 Performance Sedan | Officially Unveiled

Ask any driver for the definition of “performance” and you will likely to receieve hundreds of explanation, each a variation. The same goes when you ask for the definition of “luxury”. Something curious happens, however, when you re-word the question for the definition of “performance and luxury”. … READ MORE


Lexus GS 350 Performance Sedan | Teaser

In part to grab some initiatives from its chief European rivals, luxury auto maker http://lexus.com” target=”_blank”>Lexus today announced it will unveil the new GS performance sedan at this year’s http://pebblebeachconcours.ne” target=”_blank”>Parc du Concours in Pebble Beach, 4 weeks ahead of http://iaa.de/en” target=”_blank”>Frankfurt Motor Show. For those who … READ MORE