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Levi’s Champs Elysées Flagship Store

For all the talk about designer jeans this, selvedge denim that, the French, like many others around the world, still appreciate the original, those by http://levi.com” target=”_blank”>Levi’s. As a response to demands and a token of appreciation, Levi’s opened its newest flagship store on that most famous … READ MORE


Nike Stadium MFG Features Busy P + Michael Dupouy Destroyer Jacket

In their whirling wind tour worldwide for the launch of http://allgonebook.com/buy/” target=”_blank”>ALL-GONE 2010, http://busyp.coolcats.fr” target=”_blank”>Pedro Winter, best known as http://busyp.coolcats.fr” target=”_blank”>Busy P of http://edbangerrecords.com” target=”_blank”>Ed Banger Records, and http://lamjc.com” target=”_blank”>La MJC’s http://michael-lamjc.coolcats.fr/” target=”_blank”>Michael Dupouy were able to find the time to customize their very own Destroyer Jackets … READ MORE