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Penny Skateboards x Christian Hosoi – Hammerhead Skateboard

Penny Skateboards — purveyor of high-quality vinyl plastic skateboards — has once again teamed up with Christian Hosoi for a signature board for 2014. A dynamic natural with style to spare,┬áChristian brings his Hammerhead graphic to the 27″ Nickel skateboard, featuring a black and red color scheme … READ MORE


Penny Skateboards – Holiday Series Cruiser Skateboards

If you’re an avid skater, every day that you get a chance to get on the board seems like a holiday. But if you’re finding it hard to squeeze in time to ride between all your adult obligations, look to this new set of Holiday Series Cruiser … READ MORE


Penny Skateboards – iPhone Cover

No one could have imagined that a little plastic skateboard would bring so much joy into our lives, but of course, Penny Skateboards knew it from the start. However, there is another piece of gadgetry that seems to’ve brought fun into our lives, and that is the … READ MORE


Penny Skateboards – Organic Skateboards | Video

An overwhelming amount of plastic is used in today’s manufacturing, causing problems with it not being biodegradable and unfriendly to our ecosystem. Australian skateboard company Penny Skateboards recognized this issue, and have launched the organic skateboard range as a solution. Ordinarily, their boards are made from plastic; … READ MORE


The Hundreds x Penny Skateboards

Penny Skateboards of Australia specializes in the kind of mold-injected plastic skateboard decks that were all the rage during the ’60s and ’70s. The brand has never collaborated with anyone until now, partnering with The Hundreds on a complete with black plastic deck featuring non-slip waffle top … READ MORE