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PENTAX RICOH GR Digital Camera Customization Program

When you’re a company and in a market long dominated by conglomerates ten times your size, you’ll have to imaginative in order to survive. For the recently merged Japanese firms PENTAX RICOH, “customization” was its solution. In addition to its PENTAX Q7 digital point-and-shoot and its 100+ … READ MORE

marc-newson-pentax -k-01-digital-camera-white-blue-00

Marc Newson x PENTAX – K-01 Digital Camera – White/Blue

PENTAX first worked with prolific designer, Marc Newson, in 2012 on their K-01 digital camera. However, many hardcore photographers dismissed the camera as a fad or gimmick. Originally, this product was launched in black body with yellow accents, highlighting the product design skills of Newson. Back by … READ MORE


Pentax Q7 Camera

Pentax‘s lastest Q7 interchangeable-lens camera may look unassuming, but this tiny camera has the power to be quite the show-stopper. Although we’re previewing this mighty compact camera in a silver and black, Pentax is giving their users the chance to customize their device – both the body color … READ MORE


Pentax K-50 DSLR Camera

Pentax introduces another new digital SLR camera by the name of K-50. Aimed at beginners and hobbyists, its appearance offers an indication of its target user base. Available in three factory options, black, white, and pink versions, the compact DSLR high performance CMOS image sensor that is … READ MORE


Pentax – WG-3 Digital Camera

Recognizing the importance of durable portable digital cameras, Pentax has introduced WG-3 digital cameras to appeal to the niche market. The biggest selling point of this camera is its heavy-duty characteristics, making it a fantastic companion for active individuals. This camera is dust proof, mud proof, water … READ MORE


Pentax Ricoh GR Camera

Your eyes have just fallen upon perhaps the lightest and smallest premium compact camera on the market, the Pentax Ricoh GR Camera. Packing a 16.2-million-pixel APS-C sensor and a 18.3mm GR f/2.8 fixed lens, this successor to the GR IV is made to keep a small frame and … READ MORE


Pentax MX-1 Digital Camera | Retro Design With Craft Brass Body

Done up in classic retro styling, the Pentax MX-1 represents the brand’s first foray into the advanced compact camera market. To go along with its good looks, the point-and-shoot camera has an impressively solid construction, using solid brass at the top and bottom panels of the body. … READ MORE


Pentax K-30 DSLR Camera

Pentax have developed the K-30 DSLR camera with entry-level users in mind. Although, this does not mean that it lacks functionality for seasoned photographers either. Its biggest focus is in outdoor shooting, action shots in particular, and the camera features a specially designed case for dust proofing … READ MORE


PENTAX – Interview with Marc Newson | Video

Last week, we previewed the PENTAX K-01 Digital Hybrid Camera designed by Marc Newson. Understanding our curiosity, PENTAX took the initiative to interview Newson to explain the project and the final product in a five minute video. The highly acclaimed designer discusses his inspiration and approach to … READ MORE