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Petrolicious – “Napa Valley Roadster” | Video

During the industrial revolution in Japan, many independent carmakers popped up, and DAT Motorcar was one of them. In 1931, DAT Motorcar started to call its compact cars “Datson,” meaning son of DAT, as opposed to their larger DAT cars. Nissan took over DAT Motorcar in 1934 … READ MORE


Petrolicious – “San Francisco Skyline” | Video

Collecting can come in all forms…some collect stamps, while others collect sneakers or caps. Ivan Jaramillo is not exactly a full-fledged collector yet, however, he has two Skylines that would make any Nissan fanatic envious. Petrolicious caught up with Jaramillo, who owns the highly sought-after early “70s … READ MORE


Petrolicious – “Southern Revival” | Video

In recent times, vintage and retro designs have gained much attention from people both young and old, a testament that great designs surpass time and generation. Petrolicious is an online magazine focusing on pristine automobiles, especially from the bygone era. Their latest episode sheds light on a … READ MORE