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Photojojo – Attachable Viewfinder for Apple iPhone + iPad

Seasoned photographers will understand the importance of having a viewfinder when taking photos. It can aid in judging the correct light and composition, as well as shutting out any light glare that can be experienced while using a LCD. Photojojo came up with an ingenious product to … READ MORE


Photojojo – DSLR Filter Wheel for Analogue Style Photography

If you’re looking to add even more color to your life and more lenses to your at-home arsenal, you may want to check out this new DSLR Filter Wheel brought to you by Photojojo. All you do is mount the lens to your DSLR body and snap … READ MORE


Belkin – LiveAction Camera Shutter Grip For Apple iPhone

As humans, our opposable thumbs led to the evolution of tool usages by our ancestors. Some even argued that it led to the development of culture. But one skill the almighty thumb isn’t too dexterous of is that simple press of the shutter button. And while the … READ MORE

iphone boom mic for video capture - 0

iPhone Boom Mic For Video Capture

If you’re into making videos on your Apple iPhone 4/4s – and, let’s face it, who isn’t – and you’re tired of lackluster sound quality, then Photojojo has a new tool sure to transform your hand-held productions. Small enough to slip into your pocket or bag and light enough … READ MORE

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Gizmon iCA Rangefinder For Apple iPhone 4

There are a lot of apps out there to make your Apple iPhone pictures look vintage, but there’s nothing else out there that makes your iPhone itself look as retro as the Gizmon iCA iPhone Case. Complete with two interchangeable lenses, this case turns your entire phone into … READ MORE



Make a lasting impression with your In-Laws and tap into your inner Ken Burns all at the same time this holiday season with PHOTOGRAPHY & CINEMA‘s Pico Flex Dolly. Made of industrial grade aluminum with Rollerblade wheels, the miniature dolly adds a dramatic effect to your holiday … READ MORE


Macro Cell Lens Band

If I was an executive in one of the digital point-and-shoot camera companies out there, I hope I would notice the emerging trend in macro photo technology on smartphones; a game that just got more interesting with the Macro Cell Lens Band. Fitted with a “cell” sized … READ MORE


Glow Graffiti – Light Paint Can | “Vandalize Your Long Exposures!”

In need to spice up those dull family and friends photos this holiday season? Tap into your inner Richard Avedon (or Cope2) with Glow Graffiti Light Paint Can. A brilliant LED light conveniently packaged in a spray paint can, you can now tag anything, or for that … READ MORE


Apple iPhone SLR Lens Mount – Adapter For Canon + Nikon SLR Lenses | Available Now

Last time we visited Photojojo, the online shop was still offering its 8X Zoom Telephoto Lens for Apple iPhone. Fast forward to now as it introduce its new Apple iPhone SLR Lens Mount. A kit with a set of heavy duty aluminum casing (for your iPhone 4), … READ MORE