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Pierre Hardy – “Cubicorama” Sneaker

Pierre Hardy‘s signature shoes have garnered a sizeable following, thanks to fans who appreciate Hardy’s architectural designs that showcase his mastery of geometric shapes combined with a novel use of color. Those qualities come to the fore in these Cubicorama high-top sneakers, featuring optical stripes on the … READ MORE


Pierre Hardy – DISCORAMA Limited Edition 8

Known as “the cobbler to the stars”, Pierre Hardy‘s voluminous creations have more similarities to sculptures than footwears. After years perfecting his ideas under names like Christian Dior and Hermes, the designer set up his own label in 1999 with clear definition to change the way we … READ MORE


Pierre Hardy x DC Comics 75th Anniversary – Superman Briefcase

There is a widespread belief that if all the superheroes had a brawl, Superman would have the utmost unfair advantage over everyone else, seeing how he possesses multiple super powers and his own weakness is a strange mineral that doesn’t even exist on Earth. So, to celebrate … READ MORE


Pierre Hardy – Limited Edition La Colorama Graff Hi-Top Sneaker | Available Now

Pierre Hardy may have started out as a ladies’ man (not in the sense fraternizing sense, but in a design supply sense) by making the iconic sexy peep-toe stilettos, but when it comes to designing for men, Hardy is more about art. For seasons now, the French … READ MORE


Pierre Hardy – Limited Edition La Colorama Graff Hi-Top Sneaker

With a penchant for art, Pierre Hardy’s sneakers are born out of a cradle of concept different from other sneakers. After the successful fifth installation of his limited edition artistic sneaker series, the Nubuckorama as inspired by the stained glass aesthetics from Gilbert & George paintings, the … READ MORE


Pierre Hardy – Spring/Summer 2010 – Footwear

French footwear designer Pierre Hardy may have made his name in the footwear industry with the ladies’ all-time favorite open toe stiletto peep-toe shoes, but his foray into mens footwear has proven successful with solid collections of sneakers and classic menswear silhouettes that often draw inspiration from … READ MORE


Pierre Hardy – Spring/Summer 2010 – Trimming Hi Cut Sneaker

French shoe designer, Pierre Hardy, treats shoes as if they are canvases for reinterpretation of art. Hardy, who launched his eponymous collection in 1999, has an impressive portfolio under his belt– think some of fashion’s most desirable design houses such as Hermes and Balenciaga. Whilst Hardy may … READ MORE


Pierre Hardy – Limited Edition Nubuckorama Collection

Parisian shoe designer, Pierre Hardy, is well known for the sneakers that are heavily infused with inspirations from the art world. For the fifth installment of his limited edition series, the designer draws from the beautiful abstractness in the stained glass aesthetics of a “Gilbert and George … READ MORE


Pierre Hardy – Patent Leather Boots

Though inspired by crepe sole boots soldiers wore during WWII, the Desert Boots don’t have to stay rugged through and through. Pierre Hardy’s black and white patent leather numbers take on the silhouette of the iconic kicks and put a classy spin on it. With an upper … READ MORE