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Maybach Music Group Self Made Vol. 1 | Album Premiere

With so much momentum going for it already, it was difficult even for http://rickrossdeeperthanrap.com/” target=”_blank”>Rick Ross to hold back the tides of interests. So without further ado, along with the official release date of next Monday, May 23rd, Rick Ross and his Maybach Music Group debut the … READ MORE

Maybach Music Group – Self Made Vol.1 Album Cover Photoshoot | Video

If http://freshnessmag.com/2011/04/28/the-hundreds-beastie-boys-fight-for-your-rights-revisited-behind-the-scene/” target=”_blank”>Beastie Boys’ new http://beastieboys.com/” target=”_blank”>Hot Sauce Committee Part Two was a throw back on the early days of hip-hop, then Maybach Music Group’s Self Made is a return to the genre’s ostentatious period of fast cars, curvacious women, and free flowing champagnes. In latest round … READ MORE