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“Instant: The Story of Polaroid” Book | By The Impossible Project

To the current generation, Steve Jobs is a genius who turned his extraordinary vision into commercial success. Yet, Jobs modeled his company and presentation techniques around another genius of the former generation, Edwin Land, the founder of Polaroid. Just as Jobs was ahead of his time, Land … READ MORE


Polaroid – XS Series Actioncams

Polaroid might be best known for their instant cameras; however, the company is ready to move into the digital era with the XS Series Actioncams. Entering the already competitive market, Polaroid is offering three rugged cameras for the adrenalin junkies. The XS100, XS20, and XS7 differ primarily … READ MORE


The Impossible Project – “101 Ways To Do Something Impossible” Book

The Polaroid camera is not just an instant film camera. If used correctly, it can serve as a tool for the highest level of creative photography. The Impossible Project has compiled 101 tried-and-tested techniques to turn your instant photo into a work of art. Packed inside the … READ MORE


The Impossible Project – Photo Pens

The best part about instant films like Polaroid is its ability to develop film rapidly as you wait. Although, The Impossible Project sees the instant photos as merely a gimmick. By developing special Photo Pens that work perfectly on the instant films, a result of testing 358 … READ MORE


Impossible Instant Lab | By The Impossible Project

The Impossible Project┬á– formed by a group of “instant photography aficionados” dedicated to keeping the semi-ancient art form alive — has created the Impossible Instant Lab, a collapsible and battery-powered device which turns your iPhone photos into Polaroid photos. The user selects the image through the Instant … READ MORE


The Impossible Project x Holden – Camera Kit

Celebrating their 10 anniversary this year, outerwear company Holden decided to commemorate the occasion by launching a limited edition instant camera kit with Impossible Project. Packaged in the kit is the specially made PX 680 Cool Holden Edition film, bearing three different Holden designs on the outer … READ MORE


Impossible for BAPE

First, it was the collaboration with NIGO on a series of Color Shade films, and then there was the Impossible by NIGO photo exhibition. Now, The Impossible Project is teaming up with A Bathing Ape to launch the Impossible for BAPE capsule collection. As an avid collector … READ MORE


Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera

To serve as a more portable variant to the larger Z340, Polaroid introduced the new Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera at the CEA Line Show in New York City yesterday. With its white casing and rainbow accent line, the new camera bears a striking resemblance to the … READ MORE


Impossible by NIGO – Photo Exhibition | Tokyo

Even long after leaving the BAPE empire, NIGO still remains one of the most influential creatives in Japan and around the world. The Polaroid resurrection project, The Impossible Project, teamed up with NIGO recently to produce the limited-edition Impossible by NIGO films. Using his own film, he … READ MORE