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The Impossible Project “Momentum” Exhibition | NYC

The Impossible Project‘s mandate to keep instant film photography alive and kicking passed a major hurdle two years ago when it released Impossible black and white instant film for Polaroid SX-70 cameras. Twelve unique film types for three separate Polaroid camera systems followed months later, giving hope … READ MORE


The Impossible Project – “Instant Revolution” Exhibition | NYC

The Impossible Project, a company founded by ten former Polaroid employees whose mission is to keep instant film photography alive, has partnered with Polaroid on the “Instant Revolution” exhibition. It’s the first of what will become a series of artistic collaborations throughout the year that celebrates the … READ MORE


Polaroid SC1630 Smartphone Camera | Powered by Android

Is it a camera? Not quite. But Polaroid‘s new SC1630 isn’t really a smartphone either. Hence the creative designation of “smart camera”. With a 16-megapixel camera plus a 3X optical zoom lens housed in a nifty, leather bound case, the Polaroid SC1630 Smart Camera is capable of … READ MORE


The Impossible Project x colette – SX70 Polaroid Camera

When the world went digital, many of the analogue technologies died with it. One brand that faced extinction was Polaroid, yet the brand was brought back to life by a group of dedicated Polaroid fans, called The Impossible Project. The aptly-named group’s goal seemed almost impossible … READ MORE


Polaroid Z340 Instant Digital Camera | Available Now

Though the impact of Polaroid camera is long forgotten in the age of digital imaging, till this week. Emerging from a protracted dormancy, the company that Edwin Land established introduces its first new model in years, the Z340 Instant Camera. By the way of amalgamating Polaroid’s art … READ MORE


Polaroid Grey Label By Haus Of Gaga – Bloomingdale’s New York Launch

Initially dismissed by some as “marketing gimmickry”, Polaroid Grey Label , the exclusive line designed by pop icon Lady Gaga, became a reality this morning via its official introduction in New York City. In front of gathered media and Gaga fans, tech reporter Katie Linendoll, Polaroid executives … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 1/03/2011 1/08/2011

There’s no getting around it: this week was defined by electronics (and thankfully not by another snowstorm that brought NYC to a standstill). We covered a number of items from the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show (internet refrigerator, anyone?), but that wasn’t the only source of interesting … READ MORE


Lady Gaga x Polaroid – Grey Label

Neglected as if it had the coodies, for a while, no one wanted to touch the Polaroid brand, not even with a 10-foot pole. The once storied marquee of American ingenuity and entrepreneurship, the present day Polaroid is just a mere shadow of its former self. In … READ MORE


Polaroid 300 Instant Camera | Available Now

Do you miss the Polaroid? The shaking good times that Outkast sang about in “Hey Ya” and that fanning action which comes accompanied with a gorgeous vintage shade of instant gratification (for some reason, digital cameras are just not quite the same)? We do too. And perhaps … READ MORE


Polaroid PoGo – Pocket Photo Printer

If you’re still lamenting the loss of classic Polaroid film, maybe the new Polaroid Pogo will cheer you up. While it won’t have the same flash and patina, the PoGo will allow you to shoot quick and dirty on the go. With in camera editing, you can … READ MORE