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Nike Sportswear  A.V.E. Destroyer Jacket - 10

Nike Sportswear A.V.E. Destroyer Jacket

Nike Sportswear doesn’t just break out the Destroyer Jacket for any collaboration that comes along. The long history of the jacket and the respect it demands in the streetwear community is without parallel. So when the Amsterdam-based boutique Precinct 5  brought together 111 local artists from every medium … READ MORE


Precinct 5 x Nike Sportswear – A.V.E. 2012 | Video

Etched in black granite is a decidedly simple yet cryptic declaration. An unofficial pledge to the very thing that bonds all citizenry of Amsterdam together, their love of Oranje. In light of the upcoming UEFA Euro 2012, Nike Sportswear and Amsterdam boutique Precinct 5 played host to … READ MORE


Eric Elms x Precinct 5 x Stussy Amsterdam T-Shirts

If there was ever a city that fits the Stussy lifestyle, the Dutch city of Amsterdam would be it. Well known for its liberal views and causal lifestyle, there is a hint of tension among this city of about 1 million. That is about to change. With … READ MORE


Nike Stadium Amsterdam Opening

Not just a center for sports, Nike Stadium is the center for culture, art, and everything about passion. And in view that the 2010 FIFA World Cup is coming up really soon on Jun 11, nothing describes passion quite as well as the fanatical fury soccer fans … READ MORE