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Marvel Comics x MEDICOM TOY – Captain America BE@RBRICK 400%

If you are getting tired of seeing Spider-Man receive all of the attention through collaboration projects, do not fret; Marvel Comics and MEDICOM TOY are dropping this much-anticipated 400% BE@RBRICK figure next year. Captain America fits perfectly into the BE@RBRICK silhouette, albeit gaining a little belly and … READ MORE


Levi’s x MEDICOM TOY – Black Denim BE@RBRICK 100% + 1000%

Paying homage to the first ever Levi’s denim pants, 501 jeans, the Black Denim BE@RBRICK 1000% figure will be produced in a limited quantity of 501 units. The large toy is wrapped in the same black denim material used on their pants, complete with leather patch and … READ MORE


MEDICOM TOY x BALZAC 20th Anniversary BE@RBRICK 400% | “Atom Age Vampire”

Punk is indeed not dead in Japan, and Kyoto-based punk rock band BALZAC will be celebrating their 20th anniversary this coming Halloween. They launched their first album, The Last Men on Earth, on Halloween in 1995 and have not looked back since. Atom Age Vampire in 308 … READ MORE



The expressionless Baby Milo character from A BATHING APE works fairly well on the BE@RBRICK body, apart from some minor details. The cute little monkey character is normally almost without legs, making this BE@BRICK seem like a grown-up version, as it clearly has legs. Not only that, … READ MORE


Doraemon x MEDICOM TOY – BE@RBRICK 100%, 400% + 1000%

The MEDICOM TOY BE@RBRICK World Wide Tour 2 will make its way to Osaka early next month. To complement the event, MEDICOM TOY has gotten together with Doraemon to produce three sizes of their popular BE@RBRICK figures. Aside from the normal 100% size, the highly collectable 400% … READ MORE


MEDICOM TOY – BE@RBRICK Aroma Diffuser 400% – Black

Just few months ago, MEDICOM TOY launched their BE@RBRICK Aroma Diffuser in neutral white colorway. It proved to be popular with fans, and now they are releasing a black version with the same specifications. This diffuser operates with two AA batteries, which fits in the back of … READ MORE


MEDICOM TOY – Andy Warhol VCD Figures

Japanese boutique toy maker MEDICOM TOY might be best known for their BE@RBRICK figures, yet those items only count for a fraction of their product line. They capitalized on the design toy market with their VCD series, an acronym for Vinyl Collectible Dolls. MEDICOM TOY produces numerous … READ MORE


Tokidoki x Bicycle – Playing Cards

Since the 1880s, Bicycle playing cards have been a trusted deck for enthusiasts of card games. As opposed to Bicycle, Italian brand Tokidoki has less history under its belt; however, it has the potential to be appreciated for many decades to come. By combining their strengths, the … READ MORE


Star Wars x MEDICOM TOY – C-3PO BE@RBRICK 400%

MEDICOM TOY collaborated with Star Wars couple of years ago, producing a set of BE@RBRICK figures to mimic the iconic C-3PO and R2-D2 characters from the classic sci-fi franchise. Initially the figures were only released in the 100% size, however a larger 400% version of the C-3PO … READ MORE


Neon Genesis Evangelion x MEDICOM TOY – Evangelion BE@RBRICK 400%

A tradeshow by the name of Wonder Festival will be opening at the end of this month on Sunday, July 29, in Tokyo. This festival is organized for amateur and professional model designers to display and sell their works to the public. Even though it is only … READ MORE


MEDICOM TOY – Union Jack BE@RBRICK 100% + 400%

Since the London Olympics is just around the corner, as many brands are adding to the Olympic fever by releasing unofficial products with the Union Jack graphics on them. MEDICOM TOY has launched this bold Union Jack BE@RBRICK figures in their popular 100% and 400% sizes. The … READ MORE