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The Style of Nikki Tran | Los Angeles, USA

Name: Nikki Tran Occupation: Marketing Director of PUBLISH Brand Top: Generic (Men’s T-Shirt), Aryn K (Encased Coat) Bottom: Zara (Leather Shorts) Footwear: Seychelles (Boots) Accessory: UNIQLO (Men’s Socks), Sweet 1985 (Arm Cuff), Sweet 1985 (Sun Burst Necklace), Tiffany & Co. by Elsa Peretti (Vintage Rings), Target (Wide … READ MORE


PUBLISH Brand x VANS OTW Breton Boot SE

http://publishbrand.com” target=”_blank”>PUBLISH Brand is applying its signature mix of design elements, one taken from both timeless classics and contemporary styling, to footwear with the http://vans.com” target=”_blank”>VANS OTW Breton Boot SE. With its application of water-resistant ballistic nylon from the midfoot to the toe vamp, the PUBLISH Brand … READ MORE


The Style of Alex James | Los Angeles, USA

Name: https://twitter.com/TheRealAJames” target=”_blank”>Alex James Occupation: Entrepreneur/Vintage Clothing Specialist/Creative Brand Manager of http://publishbrand.com” target=”_blank”>PUBLISH Brand Top: PUBLISH Brand (Long Sleeve T-Shirt), http://uniqlo.com/us” target=”_blank”>UNIQLO +J Collection by Jil Sander (Slim-Fit Cotton Blazer) Bottom: http://acnestudios.com” target=”_blank”>Acne Studios (Self-Distress Jeans) Footwear: http://engineeredgarments.com” target=”_blank”>Engineered Garments for http://vans.com” target=”_blank”>VANS Classic Slip-On Accessory: PUBLISH … READ MORE


Publish Brand – Summer 2014 “Mono” Collection Editorial by EXTRA BUTTER

Courtesy of New York based retailer http://extrabutterny.com/” target=”_blank”>Extra Butter, we’re treated to detailed look at http://publishbrand.com/” target=”_blank”>Publish Brand’s “Mono” collection, made up of sportswear-inspired pieces in simple monochromatic hues with an exacting attention to detail. The goods utilize mesh, french terry, and nylon fabrics, finished in a uni-color concept … READ MORE


Publish Brand – Summer 2014 “Mono” Collection

During the dog days of summer, the less-is-more sensibility rules, and http://publishbrand.com/” target=”_blank”>Publish Brand’s Summer 2014 “Mono” collection is rife with an appealing minimalism. Each piece is built with lightweight cotton and mesh materials, finished in monochromatic tones in a range of tees, jerseys and shorts, as well as … READ MORE

Extra Butter x Publish - Moon Walker Pack 00

EXTRA BUTTER x Publish Brand – “Moon Walker” Pack

While the http://freshnessmag.com/2014/05/01/extra-butter-x-publish-brand-jemison-anorak-space-snack-edition/”>Jamisen Anorak “Space Snack” Edition correlated to the http://freshnessmag.com/2014/05/12/extra-butter-x-saucony-shadow-master-space-snack-available-now/”>EXTRA BUTTER x Saucony Shadow Master “Space Snack”, these Moon Walker Packs made in conjunction with http://publishbrand.com/”>Publish Brand complement the http://freshnessmag.com/2014/05/23/extra-butter-x-saucony-shadow-6000-moon-walker/”>EXTRA BUTTER x Saucony Shadow 6000 “Moon Walker” sneakers. The same moon crater pattern in grey scale … READ MORE


EXTRA BUTTER x Publish Brand – Jemison Anorak “Space Snack” Edition

After sending its http://freshnessmag.com/2014/04/21/extra-butter-x-saucony-grid-9000-aces-release-info/” target=”_blank”>Saucony Grid 9000 “ACES” collaboration into orbit, the folks at http://extrabutterny.com” target=”_blank”>EXTRA BUTTER is readying the launch pad for another flight with its Saucony Shadow Master “Space Snack”. To pair with the humorous design theme of freeze-dried ice cream in Neapolitan flavor (Strawberry, … READ MORE


Publish Brand – Legacy Jogger Pant Lookbook

While http://publishbrand.com/” target=”_blank”>Publish Brand readily admits to not inventing the jogger pant, the Southern California brand deems itself the leader of the pack — a claim that’s affirmed by the scores of fans who swear by the cuffed silhouette. And now those fans are eagerly anticipating the … READ MORE


Publish Brand – “Snakeskin” Pack

It’s tough not to be a fan of the http://publishbrand.com/” target=”_blank”>Publish Brand. With creative prints, quality craftsmanship, and timeless style, you can’t go wrong picking up anything with their label. While some may find this latest pack a bit loud, especially when applied to the shots, the … READ MORE


Publish Brand – Spring 2014 Collection | Chapter 2 Lookbook

Though its prevalent throughout the industry, Michael Huynh, the Creative Director for http://publishbrand.com” target=”_blank”>Publish Brand, never understood why streetwear designs have to be monochromatic in colorway and branded with logos from top to bottom. So when Publish Brand got off to a running start a few years … READ MORE

Publish x Benny Gold - Fog Camo Collection Lookbook 05

Publish x Benny Gold – Fog Camo Collection Lookbook

http://bennygold.com/”>Benny Gold is undoubtedly one of the most talented graphic designers in the streetwear scene. His designs are easily distinguishable, coupled by iconic logos and graphics. One such design is this Fog Camo, developed many season’s back for his personal brand. The highly recognizable design has been … READ MORE