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Range Rover Evoque – Concept Road Bike

Led by its  design director, Gerry McGovern, luxury SUV maker http://landrover.com” target=”_blank”>Land Rover will be making headway into the cycling market this year with the http://landrover.com/us/en/rr/new-range-rover/” target=”_blank”>Range Rover Evoque Concept Road Bike. Designed to be the ideal recreational vehicle, at least by the mean of bipedal, the … READ MORE

Range Rover Sport Luxury Edition 4

Range Rover Sport Luxury Edition

landrover.com”>Land Rover is filling out the landrover.com/us/en/rr/range-rover/”>Range Rover model series with a new option: the Luxury Edition. It essentially takes the base model – already an extremely well-appointed SUV – and as the name suggests, works in a few more extra creature comforts. Features include a sun … READ MORE

Range Rover Autobiography Ultimate Edition front

Range Rover Autobiography Ultimate Edition

Auto lovers are well aware that the Geneva Motor Show is on the horizon – the upgraded models and limited editions are coming quick and fast. For automakers whose 2010 offerings were “the best,” it’s always a challenge to show that they’ve made meaningful upgrades to their … READ MORE


Range Rover – Evoque Premiere | Video

Details are still very scarce at this point, but http://landrover.com”>Range Rover is celebrating 40 years in business by launching a new model called Evoque. The recently premiered vehicle features a sleek design and a compact SUV platform that is bound to turn heads in the city. We … READ MORE