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Land Rover – Range Rover Evoque

Urban dwellers know one thing all too well, that no “space” is a free space, especially the space is for your modern steed. In search of a solution for urbanites, Land Rover designed the Range Rover Evoque, the first of its vehicle class in the 60+ years … READ MORE


Benedict Radcliffe x Land Rover – Range Rover Evoque 3D Wireframe Installation

Not long after the unveiling of his wire frame Air Max 1 Sculpture for Nike and lyricist Dizzee Rascal, artist Benedict Radcliffe hid away in his London workshop the next year for a truly elaborated installation, a 3D mock-up of the new Range Rover Evoque. With inspiration … READ MORE


Range Rover Evoque – Concept Road Bike

Led by its  design director, Gerry McGovern, luxury SUV maker Land Rover will be making headway into the cycling market this year with the Range Rover Evoque Concept Road Bike. Designed to be the ideal recreational vehicle, at least by the mean of bipedal, the Concept Bike … READ MORE

Range Rover Sport Luxury Edition 4

Range Rover Sport Luxury Edition

Land Rover is filling out the Range Rover model series with a new option: the Luxury Edition. It essentially takes the base model – already an extremely well-appointed SUV – and as the name suggests, works in a few more extra creature comforts. Features include a sun … READ MORE

Range Rover Autobiography Ultimate Edition front

Range Rover Autobiography Ultimate Edition

Auto lovers are well aware that the Geneva Motor Show is on the horizon – the upgraded models and limited editions are coming quick and fast. For automakers whose 2010 offerings were “the best,” it’s always a challenge to show that they’ve made meaningful upgrades to their … READ MORE


Range Rover – Evoque Premiere | Video

Details are still very scarce at this point, but Range Rover is celebrating 40 years in business by launching a new model called Evoque. The recently premiered vehicle features a sleek design and a compact SUV platform that is bound to turn heads in the city. We … READ MORE