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Rapha Reversible Jacket

Every ride is going to be different – some for pleasure, some for business; some in sunshine, some in rain – that’s why this Rapha Reversible Jacket was created. An all-around adaptable jacket for on and off the bike, this everyday piece will quickly become your go-to. … READ MORE


House Industries – Richard Sachs Exhibition at Rapha Cycle Club NYC

Tomorrow at New York City’s Rapha Cycle Club, a new retrospective dedicated to acclaimed bicycle frame builder Richard Sachs is set to kick off. The month-long exhibition, designed by House Industries, walks viewers through Sach’s industrial evolution, starting from his early days as an apprentice to present day, where the … READ MORE


Rapha – City Cycling Guides Books

The City Cycling Guide Books from Rapha make exploring Europe on two wheels evermore enticing. Especially created for travelers who indulge in a little pedal pushing but find language barriers to be the bane of their existence, these handy guide books keep cyclers in the know regarding … READ MORE

Rapha - Fall Winter 2013 Collection Lookbook 17

Rapha – Fall/Winter 2013 Collection Lookbook

Shot in scenic Antwerp and Berlin, two bike friendly cities in Europe, the latest lookbook from Rapha illustrates their sophisticated cycle-oriented items. The Rapha crew takes the viewer around cycling spots in both cities, emphasizing on the joy of city riding. Garments and accessories shown here are … READ MORE

Rapha Cycle Club New York Grand Opening 00

Rapha Cycle Club New York Grand Opening

Starting out as a predominantly online venture, the British cycle-based lifestyle brand, Rapha, expanded into the tangible world a few years ago, prompting the opening of Rapha Cycle Clubs in key cities around the world. Following up to London, San Francisco, Osaka, and Sydney, Rapha opened its … READ MORE


VANDEYK x Rapha Continental Bicycle

Somewhat a rarity in a market now dominated by cheap “Made In China” goods, VANDEYK Contemporary Cycles still makes its performance bicycles the old fashion ways – by hands. Hailed from Stuttgart, Germany, also the home of both Mercedes-Benz and Porsche, VANDEYK approaches each design in similar … READ MORE


Rapha Continental Hidden Europe Summer 2013

The Rapha Continental began in the US in 2007 as an antidote to the clinical aspects of road racing. It was conceived as a more creative expression of road riding with the belief that you didn’t need to pin a race number on to experience the pleasure … READ MORE


Rapha – Luggage Collection

Luggage for cycling enthusiasts requires slightly different functionality when compared to conventional bags, as these items should not get in the way of riding. Rapha has released a wide variety of bags from their Luggage Collection. Made up of six styles, each is optimized for use both … READ MORE


Rapha & Raeburn – Wind Jacket | Video

Not just because it features all of the quintessential elements found on designs by Christopher Raeburn, the Rapha & Raeburn Wind Jacket also represents a family affair for the designer’s older brother Graeme, who is currently a product designer at Rapha. In typical Christopher Raeburn fashion, the … READ MORE


Rapha & Raeburn – Spring 2013 Collection

It is a lesser-known fact that Rapha founder Graeme Raeburn and British fashion designer Christopher Raeburn are actually brothers. Although their disciplines are as far apart as can be (cycling and fashion) their approach to their garments is unsurprisingly similar. Both are fanatic about functionality and performance, … READ MORE


Rapha – Lucid | Video

Rapha‘s new riding video, entitled “Lucid,” presents the city of St. Petersburg, Russia, as a dreamscape, its nighttime streets empty yet full of portent. Along with an atmospheric soundtrack from Racket Music, voice-over narration from Jonathan McGuiness contains lines from Shakespeare’s “The Tempest,” drawing allusions to reality … READ MORE