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Recon Instruments – Jet Smart Glasses | Available Now

If you’re in the middle of a tough ride, you’ve got to keep your eyes on the road, but you also need an edge. With Recon Instruments’ Jet Smart Glasses, which we first brought you last month, you have access to a huge trove of data and … READ MORE


Recon Instruments – Jet Smart Glasses

While Google Glass is fighting to earn its place on your head as you go about your everyday business, Recon Instruments is aimed entirely at athletes. Their latest product, the Jet, a pair of smart glasses, technically fit in the same space as Google’s Glass, but these … READ MORE


Oakley Airwave Goggle

You may not be cruising at 20,000 feet with rockets attached to your wings, but Oakley‘s Airwave Goggles are the first step to giving you the futuristic heads-up display enjoyed by fighter pilots and Halo’s Master Chief. Apart from Oakley’s signature style, polarized lenses, and graphic head … READ MORE


Recon Instruments Launches Flight HUD

Recon Instruments and Smith Optics initially developed their I/O Goggle with Heads-Up Display for skiers. The popularity of the goggles soon spread beyond the ski slopes and into the sky. The Flight HUD is a similar product, which caters toward skydivers, wingsuit pilots, and BASE jumpers. Slight … READ MORE


Recon Instruments x Mischo Erban – World’s Fastest Skateboard Speed Record

A 28-year-old British Columbia native by the name of Mischo Erban is now the world record holder for the fastest skateboard speed while in a standing position. Flying downhill on a mountain road in Mount Eboulements, Quebec, on June 18th, Erban achieved a top speed of 80.74mph … READ MORE


Recon Instruments x Smith Optics – I/O Goggle with Head-Up Display | Video

When its a life and death duel at a speed of 2000 feet per second, real-time situational awareness is crucial to your survivability. This is the reason fighter pilots have long rely on the head-up display in their cockpits to give them all crucial information without impeding … READ MORE