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Freshness Week In Review: 11/08/2010 – 11/12/2010

With a few more hours to go before a facebook attempts to revolutionize the Internet again (with a new full-service email launch), it seems as though next week promises everything great to happen in the world. But before we leap into the unknowns of facebook email, and … READ MORE


Reed Space – REDU: HOMEROOM Exhibition Opening | Event Recap

It is a known fact that despite numerous legislation and initiatives, the public school systems across United States are in dire straits. The current economic downturn exacerbates the situation even more, with municipalities shutting down not just extracurricular programs, but entire school as a whole. To address … READ MORE


DOUBLE GOOSE NYC – Pop-Up Store | Opens Tomorrow

By the first day, it was quite apparent to co-owner Thomas Raynal that one, his label DOUBLE GOOSE was immensely popular in New York City. And two, he didn’t bring enough inventory. Indeed, few of DOUBLE GOOSE’s popular models immediately sold out that very first day. That … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 09/13/2010 – 09/17/2010

Last week, New York City was overrun by mile-long legs, editors in killer heels, men in glossy, three-piece suits and smart tortoiseshell glasses, and they have all congregated at the new home of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City at Lincoln Center.  Freshness was jetting about town … READ MORE


Reed Space x 13th Witness – Solo Photography Exhibition Opening Reception | Event Recap

Photographer 13th Witness has just opened his solo exhibition at Lower East Side’s Reed Space, and the opening event attracted the fashionable, the artistic and the cool to gather around tonight, taking a quick break from New York Fashion Week festivities. The exhibition starting tonight will run … READ MORE


Reed Space – 13th Witness Recent Works Exhibition

There is something to be say about 13th Witness‘ images though we don’t think words can convey it. Maybe its his methodology, those dangerous routine of cycling along side his subjects, disregarding oncoming traffics. Or maybe its his raw aesthetics, which are easily understood by urbanites everywhere. … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 08/30/2010 09/03/2010

Maybe you noticed the dip in temperature or the nightly whirling of cool breeze. Yep, fall is here and so are the slews of new releases. First as a collection preview the week before, Supreme’s Fall/Winter 2010 line came to fruition on Thursday when it launched in … READ MORE


STPL x Oakley History of Oakley by Staple Design | Holbrook + Frogskin Sunglasses

Something new and something old, the 3rd installment from The History of Oakley, a collaborative initiative by Oakley and Staple Design, highlights the past and present of the performance optic label with 2 additions – Holbrook and Frogskin. First up, the Oakley Holbrook. Though the silhouette maybe … READ MORE


Reed Annex – 3 Days Of Deadstock Pop-Up Shop

Where do clothes go after one moves beyond a trend, outgrown its practicality, or after a disastrous wardrobe malfunction? Most certainly end up in thrift shops or a dumpster close by. But some fortunate pieces are rescue from this indignity by vintage purveyors like Brian Procell and … READ MORE


Interisland Terminal x Staple Design – Reed Space Honolulu (HNL) Pop-Up Store

A positive social contagion just arrived on the big island of Hawaii!!! But there is no need be alarmed, we emphasized on the phrase “positive”. Introducing Reed Space Honolulu (HNL), a pop-up retail concept brought to you by entrepreneur Jeff Staple, the Staple Design family, and Hawaii’s … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 7/12/2010 – 7/16/2010

Perhaps one of the biggest causes of celebration this week comes from the hopeful news of BP containing the ridiculous oil spill. Since Thursday, when new caps on the valves are closed, there has been no report of oil leaking into the Gulf anymore. Finally, an epic … READ MORE