ÉTUDES x SUPER – Panamá Sunglasses

Established less than a year ago, the collective known as http://etudes-studio.com/” target=”_blank”>ÉTUDES is a relative new comer to the creative scene though its origin actually stretched back more than a decade ago. Started by French artists http://aa-je.com/” target=”_blank”>Aurélien Arbet and Jérémie Egry, ÉTUDES actually derived from the … READ MORE


SUPER Tiberio Sunglasses – Summer 2012

http://retrosuperfuture.com/super/” target=”_blank”>Super introduces the Tiberio shades for Summer 2012. The unisex silhouette is dressed with a thick, solid bridge with round lenses, designed “with the sporty hunk out at sea in mind, as well as the hot babe lounging on the deck, soaking up the sun.” It’s … READ MORE


SUPER x Corso Como Seoul 4th Anniversary Project

http://retrosuperfuture.com/super/” target=”_blank”>SUPER celebrates the 4th anniversary of http://10corsocomo.co.kr/” target=”_blank”>10 Corso Como Seoul, the Korean branch of the unique retail experience that includes branches in Milan and Tokyo, with a special edition of the brand’s popular Basic sunglass style. Featuring a black puma acetate build, the shades have … READ MORE


SUPER x WOKstore – Ndebele Special Sunglasses

The first installment of its “SUPER moves to” project, in which the premium sunglass brand embarks on a worldwide tour of a select group of retailers, is created in collaboration with http://wok-store.com/” target=”_blank”>WOKstore in Milan. The upshot is the Ndebele Special, which borrows its name — as … READ MORE


SUPER Optical Series | Spring 2012

http://retrosuperfuture.com/super/” target=”_blank”>SUPER presents its first ever collection of eyeglass frames. The inaugural optical line is made up of reworked versions of the brand’s classic silhouettes, encompassing a wide range of styles and shapes offering something for everyone. The handcrafted frames feature the Basic, Ciccio, Flat Top Small, … READ MORE


SUPER Visiva Series | Spring 2012

Part of the reason for http://retrosuperfuture.com/super/” target=”_blank”>SUPER’s success is the decorative prints that finish many of their most popular sunglass styles. It’s a feature that highlights the latest release from the brand’s Spring 2012 Offshore Collection. Dubbed the Visiva Series, the assortment of frames offers classic silhouettes … READ MORE


SUPER – Offshore Collection | Spring 2012

http://retrosuperfuture.com/super/” target=”_blank”>SUPER presents its Spring/Summer 2012 Offshore collection of sunglasses, where the overriding color palette is made up of soft, translucent hues. Those colors are at play on the reworked Basic frames, featuring matte acetate finished in blue or green and fitted with contrast colored lenses. The … READ MORE

super-visiva series-poissons-00

SUPER – Visiva Series: Poissons America + Poissons Paloma Sunglasses

http://store.retrosuperfuture.com/” target=”_blank”>Super introduces revamped styles of the America and Paloma models as part of the brand’s Visiva series. Both are releasing under the Poissons banner, with each featuring handcrafted prints throughout the interior. They depict vintage illustrations of marine wildlife by Louis Renard that date back to … READ MORE


BARNEYS x SUPER Limited Edition Sunglasses | 5th Collaboration

Italian sunglass brand http://retrosuperfuture.com/super/” target=”_blank”>SUPER has teamed up for a fifth time with http://barneys.com/” target=”_blank”>Barneys New York, this time on a stripped down Evergreen model. Hand made in Italy, the sunglass frame is constructed with clear crystal acetate with matte metal hardware, while the lens features a … READ MORE


Cool Cats x SUPER – Limited Edition Sunglasses | Available Now

The Euro Zone is on the verge of economic collapse. Urban turmoils strike across the United States. Arab Spring is at a standstill. And relationship between China and the West have turned icy. If you watch enough 24-hour cable news, you might think the world is coming … READ MORE


SUPER x Liberty – Limited Sunglasses Collection

By selecting 3 signature floral prints in London’s Liberty & Co. vast porflio, design team of Daniel and Simon Beckerman from RETROSUPERFUTURE created a limited SUPER x Liberty Sunglasses Collection. Featuring floral patterns Elysian, Wiltshire, and the popular Nina, each of the acetate frames is handcrafted in Italy and outfitted with… READ MORE