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Riccardo Tisci x Nike Air Force 1 – Black Collection | Release Info

From the start, we’ve known that the http://freshnessmag.com/2014/01/24/riccardo-tisci-nike-unveiled/” target=”_blank”>Riccardo Tisci x Nike Air Force 1 collection would be broken up into two different releases, with the http://freshnessmag.com/2014/03/21/nike-x-riccardo-tisci-nike-r-t-air-force-1-white-collection-release-reminder/” target=”_blank”>white colorways dropping in March and their http://freshnessmag.com/2014/03/14/riccardo-tisci-x-nike-air-force-1-black-collection/” target=”_blank”>black counterparts scheduled to release at a later date. That date has … READ MORE


GIVENCHY – Spring/Summer 2015 Collection | Runway Show

For the http://givenchy.com/” target=”_blank”>Givenchy Spring/Summer 2015 presentation at Paris Fashion Week, Riccardo Tisci commissioned Dutch artist Paul Veroude to create an installation made from a disassembled airplane, suspended by steel cables over the center of the circular catwalk. Disassembled parts hung in the air, presenting a stark contrast … READ MORE


GIVENCHY – Rottweiler Print Cotton Sweatshirt

The dog is back in the pound… For Summer 2014, http://givenchy.com” target=”_blank”>GIVENCHY is bringing back the Rottweiler Print, one most identifiable with the fashion house ever since its creative director Riccardo Tisci introduced in the brand’s 2010 menswear line. Though somewhat less menacing than the original, passerby … READ MORE


GIVENCHY – Robot Print Sneaker

In a time where “clean” is considered a colorway, http://givenchy.com/en/” target=”_blank”>GIVENCHY adds a new dimension to the sneaker design spectrum with the release of an all-over Robot Print slip-on. Joining our preview of their http://freshnessmag.com/2014/05/14/givenchy-robot-print-t-shirt/” target=”_blank”>Robot Print T-shirt and http://freshnessmag.com/2014/04/25/givenchy-tape-deck-print-t-shirt/” target=”_blank”>Tape Deck tee, Givenchy keeps things ticking … READ MORE


GIVENCHY – Robot Print T-Shirt

On the heels of the http://freshnessmag.com/2014/04/25/givenchy-tape-deck-print-t-shirt/” target=”_blank”>Tape Deck tee, http://givenchy.com/en/” target=”_blank”>Givenchy continues its series of statement tees featuring a proto-mechanical theme with the launch of this Robot Print number. While a close-up inspection of the print reveals the rudimentary circuitry, reels, and nuts and bolts, the tee appears at arm’s … READ MORE


GIVENCHY Rose & Thorn Reversible Bomber Jacket

The best thing about http://givenchy.com/” target=”_blank”>Givenchy’s reversible bomber jacket is the disparity between the two sides: one is done up in a solid burnt ochre finish, while the other is extravagantly baroque, featuring a dramatic roses and thorns graphic set against a contrasting black backdrop. Details include a … READ MORE


GIVENCHY Flag-Print Leather Sneaker

http://givenchy.com/” target=”_blank”>Givenchy injects a dose of patriotic flair to the go-to sneaker of the season, a slip-on sneaker rendered here in luxurious leather. Across the vamp is the Stars and Stripes, finished in a veritable rainbow of bright hues, while an antiqued black and white version of the … READ MORE


GIVENCHY – Tape Deck Print Vest

Making waves on the streets is something that French designer http://givenchy.com/en/” target=”_blank”>Givenchy is all about. With bold prints and innovating styling, the design house is able to drop apparel that speak louder than words. Recently http://freshnessmag.com/2014/04/25/givenchy-tape-deck-print-t-shirt/” target=”_blank”>we previewed a Tee that featured an all-over print that depicts … READ MORE


GIVENCHY Star-Print Leather Sneaker

Made in Italy, the http://bit.ly/1iHIvQo” target=”_blank”>Star-Print Leather Sneaker from http://givenchy.com/” target=”_blank”>Givenchy presents a luxurious take on the classic slip-on silhouette. A full grain black leather upper is adorned with Givenchy’s signature star design, writ large atop the vamp, and contrasting red horizontal stripes across the forefoot. The … READ MORE


GIVENCHY – Tape Deck Print T-Shirt

Under the creative direction of designer Riccardo Tisci, French design house http://givenchy.com/en/” target=”_blank”>Givenchy has gained a new following through a series of striking statement tees, featuring everything from a snarling rottweiler to a great white shark. The latest statement tee goes in an entirely different direction, casting … READ MORE


GIVENCHY – Red Calfskin Plaid Tyson High-Top Sneakers

After an abrupt voyage to its futurism theme, fashion house http://givenchy.com” target=”_blank”>Givenchy is heading back to something more familiar in its http://bit.ly/1gz4rep” target=”_blank”>Red Calfskin Plaid Tyson High-Top Sneakers. Adorned throughout in vibrant plaid patterns of red and brown, the all-leather footwear features a Velcro ankle strap, studded … READ MORE