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Virgin Limited Edition – Necker Nymph Underwater Airplane

There are dreamers and then there are doers. Virgin Limited Edition founder Sir Richard Branson has always been a lot of both. His latest project takes his company’s superiority in the skies down into the salty blue with his new underwater aircraft called the Necker Nymph. Essentially … READ MORE


Nike Basketball KOBESYSTEM: Level 7 Success At Success | With Richard Branson

With a personal net worth of US$ 4.2 billion dollars (its a “b” as in “billions”), a business empire with interest in airlines, trains, wedding salons, music, and etc, Sir Richard Branson is not only the 4th richest person in England, he’s also the most prolific thanks … READ MORE


Nike Basketball – KOBESYSTEM: Success for the Successful

A system for success catered to successful people, the KOBESYSTEM is by far the most poignant motivational tool out today. More so than How to Win Friends and Influence People and certainly more effective than Oprah Winfrey sponsored program, The Secret. It is also the most humorous … READ MORE