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Rise of the Planet of the Apes Opens Today

Rise of the Planet of the Apes opens in theaters today, a welcome reprieve for movie fans looking for an entertaining popcorn film that isn’t adapted from a comic book or a line of transforming toy cars. A prequel to the classic 1968 film Planet of the … READ MORE


Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes – iPhone Intelligence Test App

More troubling document came to light today as archivists unearthed File Reference 21 of 27 from a project simply known as Primate Behavior. Stored away by project director Rupert Wyatt, a video shown a chimpanzee’s aptitude and familiarity in handling a AK-47 assault rifle. This further reinforce … READ MORE


Apes Are Getting Smarter Part 2

Are apes getting smarter? Well, some of these videos the 20th Century Fox research team put together certainly gets us wondering! In this latest video, from the Primate Research Institute at Kyoto University, chimpanzees show off  photographic memories so good they easily beat college students in memory … READ MORE


Apes Are Getting Smarter – Part 1

Earlier this month, I was invited out to Los Angeles to the 20th Century Fox studios for The Rise 50 Summit, a one day educational event for the Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes film. Part of the summit included a viewing of clips on how … READ MORE