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Fafi – The Carmine Vault Book

April will see a rush of exciting new books launching from Rizzoli, and French street artist Fafi will be dropping hers on early April as well. The avante garde female artist was one of the first to stand out amongst the male dominated street art scene. She … READ MORE


Louis Vuitton/Marc Jacobs Book | By Rizzoli

The story of the Louis Vuitton empire is perhaps one of the more classic tales of a well-crafted product that has withstood the test of time. However, the new book published by Rizzoli, Louis Vuitton/Marc Jacobs, takes a deeper look into the core elements which became the … READ MORE


M.I.A. – Autobiography Book

Many controversies surround the UK-born singer M.I.A., yet her entire life has been a colorful journey, to say the least. An autobiographical book will be launching from renowned publisher Rizzoli this coming Fall. Chronicled inside the 192-page book are 300 or so photos which outline her life … READ MORE



What started out as a personal top 50 best products list from A Bathing Ape has now grown to be printed as a full-fledged book by Rizzoli. NIGO listed out his favorite items from A Bathing Ape on his blog on honeyee.com a while back, and the … READ MORE


Scott Campbell – If You Don’T Belong, Don’t Be Long Book

Whether you are a fan of his tattoo work or his fine art pieces, publishing company Rizzoli and OHWOW gallery have managed to pack the vast works of Scott Campbell into one comprehensive book. The title of the book, If You Don’t Belong, Don’t Be Long, coincides … READ MORE


Louis Vuitton / Marc Jacobs Book | By Pamela Golbin

An upcoming book by Rizzoli, the publishing house noted for its hardcover art and design tomes, examines the Louis Vuitton empire through the two figures most responsible for its place in the fashion firmament, founder Louis Vuitton and designer Marc Jacobs. Author Pamela Golbin splits the book … READ MORE


Louis Vuitton – “Architecture and Interiors” Book | By Rizzoli

Pivotal to a brand’s success can be found through consumers’ in-store experience. But the advent of online stores and other virtual shopping schemes have all made the physical storefront less appreciative. In bring back the sense of exuberant once felt by customers as they entered its palaces … READ MORE


KAWS Book by Rizzoli Book Signing at JUICE Taipei | Event Recap

Last weekend was KAWS was in Shanghai, this week they came from all over Taiwan, some even traveled from neighboring Japan and even the U.S. just for an opportunity to have their books signed in-person by the artist KAWS. In this, the last leg of KAWS Book … READ MORE


KAWS Book by Rizzoli – Book Signing at JUICE Shanghai | Event Recap

KAWS and CLOT came together today for a signing event of the artist’s book KAWS by Rizzoli. The event marks the first signing of the book in mainland China. KAWS’ visit was a huge draw for the fans in mainland China, and despite the (relatively) cold weather, … READ MORE


Supreme Book | Pre-order

In 1994, as street skating has taken shape and flourished, Supreme opened its doors in downtown Manhattan and soon became a home to the New York City skate culture. As Supreme had just celebrated its 15th Anniversary the Supreme Book published by Rizzoli (publishing house behind the … READ MORE


KAWS Book by Rizzoli – Cover

This year New York’s Rizzoli will be publishing and releasing a new 256-page page book that provides an retrospective look into one of the most influential artist’s of our generation, KAWS. This book comes on the heels of some other notable Rizzoli publications including Kanye West’s “Glow … READ MORE