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Ralph Lauren – Fall/Winter 2014 Menswear Collection Lookbook

Like many things, fashion trends are cyclical with enough fadeaway and comeback that will put Lindsay Lohan’s acting career to shame. What was last season’s hottest designer brand is now on the sales rack of your local T.J.Maxx. And that sweater you fought tooth-and-nail for during Black … READ MORE


Ralph Lauren – Spring/Summer 2014 Menswear Collection Lookbook

With all of the available resources going to its runway show for women’s wear next week, a 2-hour extravaganza that takes up the length of a New York City block, Ralph Lauren usually unveils its menswear collection weeks ahead of the impending production. Though the menswear collection … READ MORE

RLX x Affinity-01

RLX x Affinity Cycles – Custom Fixed Gear Bicycles

The new athletic line from Ralph Lauren is aptly titled RLX and it focuses on clean and simple aesthetics. As another fashion brand steps into the fixed gear bicycle arena, it is good to see that Ralph Lauren has come correct by choosing to work with Affinity … READ MORE