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ROC STAR – Label To End December 31st

They say all good things must come to an end and this is surely the case here. Announced by its founder DJ Daruma (Norihisa Kitamura) on his personal blog, the Japanese label known as ROC STAR will cease operation the end of this year. This following similar … READ MORE

Rip Saw Buckle Pendant Gold

ROC STAR x AMBUSH – Ripsaw Buckle/Pendant

ROC STAR have teamed up with jewelry brand AMBUSH f0r ROC STAR’s 10th anniversary celebration. Both brands share similar tastes in music and fashion, and the Ripsaw buckle/pendant combinesthe distinct personalities of the two brands. At first, the Ripsaw buckle looks just regular buckle attachment to a … READ MORE


Stussy x ROC STAR – 10th Anniversary Collection | Available Now

One of Japan’s street wear greats, ROC STAR, has finally reached the landmark decade birthday, and is still standing strong. To celebrate the impressive achievement, ROC STAR has partnered up with Stussy to create a capsule congratulatory collection of apparel and accessories including varsity jackets, t-shirts, and … READ MORE

Roc Star x Revolver

ROC STAR x Revolver – Harajuku T-Shirt

Representing Tokyo to the fullest, the ROC STAR brand is celebrating its tenth year in the business and the upcoming Autumn/Winter 2010 collection will see many collaboration projects with various brands. The first collaboration to drop is with Revolver, run by their friend Kiri. Graphics are designed … READ MORE


Dee and Ricky x ROC STAR – Spring/Summer 2010 – “Bird Of Paradise” Pin

Not many people can make a living off their favorite childhood pastime, but Demetrius and Ricardo of Dee and Ricky can beg to differ as they have successfully transformed their funky hobby into a lucrative venture, crafting accessories pieces out from LEGO blocks. The quirky duo is … READ MORE