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Mountain Dew – Green Label Art Volume III (3) Exhibit | Featuring Stephen Bliss

Though not a household name, at least not yet, many of us have already interact with works by artist Stephen Bliss.   As the Senior Artist at Rockstar Games, Bliss came up with visual conception in some of most well known gaming titles, including the outrageously popular … READ MORE

Air Jordan x Rockstar Games - Midnight Club

Air Jordan Classic x Rockstar Games – Midnight Club: LA

Rockstar Games and Jordan Brand celebrate their “digital partnership” with a limited-edition sneaker inspired by the soon-to-be released Midnight Club: Los Angeles and Los Angeles street racing culture. Taking their inspiration from the classic Air Jordan II released in 1987, the Jordan Classic 87 sneakers are a … READ MORE


Xbox 360 – Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA 4) Edition

So the events led up to securing the console had the makings of a spy novel: a simple email with clandestine instructions, a meeting on the 13th floor within the Grand Lodge of the Free Masons, a darken conference room full of electronic gadgetries. Then, the trip … READ MORE