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Rockwell by Parra Summer 2014 Collection

The latest delivery from Rockwell by Parra‘s Summer 2014 collection is arriving now in stores, featuring tees and crewnecks adorned with the Dutch artist’s signature design work. What that means is plenty of bright, rich colors, hand-written lettering and boldly lined curvilinear illustrations. In addition to the … READ MORE


Rockwell by Parra – Fall/Winter 2013 Collection | Styled By Wish Atlanta

It’s no surprise that Rockwell by Parra‘s Fall/Winter 2013 collection features pieces heavily influenced by the Dutch artist’s distinctive graphic style. There are plenty of bright colors and simple hand-drawn lines, showcasing Parra‘s surreal signature characters and modern pop art vibe. Those designs cover the latest delivery … READ MORE


Rockwell – October 2012 Releases

Parra is best known for his use of bold colors, hand-drawn typography, and curvey, post-Pop characters and forms, which he brings to life in the form of sculptures, graffiti, and traditional paintings. Now the Dutch illustrator presents a series of Tees, sweatshirts, and other accessories for his … READ MORE


ROCKWELL – Broken Fist Varsity Jacket

A classic outerwear piece enhanced with a healthy dose of style courtesy of the Dutch artist Parra, the Rockwell Broken Fist Varsity jacket is crafted from a warm Italian felted wool blend finished in a handsome anthracite hue. Details take the form of two slash pockets, snap … READ MORE


Rockwell – Spring 2012 Collection

Rockwell is a streetwear label established by Dutch artist Parra, which fully utilizes his unique artwork as its primary graphic. The latest items from the Spring 2012 collection have dropped at Foot Patrol and they have a good selection of t-shirts and crew sweats to choose from. … READ MORE


Waiting For The Sun x Rockwell by Parra Sunglasses

Its been a long, brutal winter this year, and yes, we are all waiting for the sun to shine again. Serendipitously, this Parisian label read our minds. Going by the name Waiting For The Sun, the relatively new label have a penchant for sustainable materials and simple … READ MORE

Amsterdam by Parra T-Shirt

Rockwell – Amsterdam Show by Parra T-Shirts

Rockwell founder and designer Parra held an exhibition in Tokyo titled Amsterdam Show by Parra and to commemorate the exhibition, Rockwell are releasing two distinct designs that reflect the identity of Parra as an artist. One t-shirt is a typography only design that simply read “The Amsterdam … READ MORE


Rockwell – Spring/Summer 2010 – T-Shirt Collection

After the limited edition summer totes, Parra gears everyone up for the last bits of summer with more whimsical slogans and and coquettish graphics. On the packs of grey and white graphic t-shirts, Parra drops some cryptic lines such as “There Will Be Drama” (What drama?) and … READ MORE


Rockwell – Summer 2010 – Handmade Beach Bag Collection

Summer is here and in need a of a cool, manly (as can be) tote to carry your belongings, be it towels, shades, books, tunes or booze, to the beach? Nothing says “Yes! I’m manly enough to carry a bag and this lives up to the masculinity” … READ MORE

ROCKWELL – New Tee Release | Available Now

Swirly flexible limbs, sometimes female, sometimes male, sometimes ambiguous; sometimes scantily clad, sometimes dressed as a fruit, but always open to multiple interpretations and full of fantastical humor– just the way Dutch artist Parra likes his iconic caricatures of look like. His work and tees are sometimes … READ MORE


ROCKWELL – Somewhere In L.A. At The End Of November – Parra Mobile Pop-Up Truck

Earlier this month, we brought the news of a wonderful Amsterdam transplant, Rockwell, moving into Los Angeles temporarily at the end of November. The pop-up venture conducted by Rockwell brand by Dutch artist, Parra, has finally revealed where “Somewhere In L.A. At The End Of November” is. … READ MORE