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Jose Parla x BAMFORD WATCH DEPARTMENT – Rolex Explorer I Watch

Designed in conjunction with colette of Paris and Miami’s Alchemist boutique, artisans at BAMFORD WATCH DEPARTMENT transposed a sliver of Jose Parla artwork onto the dial face of this custom Rolex Explorer I watch. Featuring a MGTC coating, rehashed hands and numerals in matching black, the 39mm … READ MORE


Henry Singer x BAMFORD WATCH DEPARTMENT – Rolex Daytona “75th Anniversary”

Canadian menswear retailer Henry Singer is celebrating its 75th anniversary, and BAMFORD WATCH DEPARTMENT is recognizing the milestone with a custom Rolex Daytona. Originally developed in 1963 to meet the demands of professional race car drivers, the Daytona is reworked here with Bamford’s signature blacked-out aesthetic. The … READ MORE


BAMFORD WATCH DEPARTMENT – Rolex Yacht-Master II “Black and Blue”

Officially known as the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II, this regatta chronograph features many unique functions needed in a race on the high sea. With its specifically designed Rolex 4160 Movement, one can set a 10-minute countdown to the start of a yacht race. And thanks to … READ MORE


DRx Romanelli x BAMFORD WATCH DEPARTMENT – Rolex Yachtmaster “Gold POPEYE”

Following up on last year’s Army vs. Navy project, Dr. Romanelli and BAMFORD WATCH DEPARTMENT have joined forces once again, this time focusing on the maritime half of the previous collaborative effort. The resulting Popeye-themed Rolex Yachtmaster model drops the black titanium coating of its predecessor for … READ MORE


BAMFORD WATCH DEPARTMENT – Rolex GMT Master II Dual Colour Edition

Introduced at the height of the Jet Set Age, the GMT-Master II watch was actually a collaborative creation between Rolex and the now defunct Pam Am Airways. Designed for the airline’s pilots, the watch’s “fourth hand” allowed them to differentiate time between two time zones, a necessity … READ MORE


BAMFORD WATCH DEPARTMENT – Rolex Daytona “Game, Set and Match” Special Edition

Held at the All England Club since 1877, the Wimbledon Championship isn’t just the world’s oldest tennis tournament but considered by most to be the most prestigious. Steeped in traditions and protocols, it is also the only grass court Grand Slam tennis tournament left. Since the event … READ MORE


Marc Quinn x BAMFORD WATCH DEPARTMENT – Rolex Deepsea Collection

Member of the so-called Young British Artists generation and best known for his “Self” sculptures made of frozen blood (his own), Marc Quinn‘s methodical approach to art is neither for the squeamish nor those with faint of heart. Thus, making this collaboration with BAMFORD WATCH DEPARTMENT all … READ MORE


fragment design x BAMFORD WATCH DEPARTMENT – Rolex Submariner & Daytona

Synonymous to sleek designs and a penchant for the color black, London’s BAMFORD WATCH DEPARTMENT partnered with influencer Hiroshi Fujiwara once again in the creation of a limited edition Rolex timepiece collection. In this second iteration for Fujiwara’s fragment design entity, BAMFORD re-applied a set of Rolex … READ MORE

bamford-watch-department-rolex-cosmograph-daytona-chronograph- watch-collection-02

BAMFORD WATCH DEPARTMENT – Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Chronograph Collection

Simply known by fans as the Rolex Daytona, the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Chronograph came to associate with auto racing thanks to its unique bezel and tachymetric scale, a measuring tool capable of calculating speeds up to 400 kilometers or miles per hour. But what really solidified its … READ MORE


Stampd x Swisssignatures – Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Watch

Rolex have always maintained its status above hype and trends, yet recently they are back into the limelight, thanks to elaborate customization by independent companies. While official collaborations are not rare, many companies unofficially customize their timepieces to suit their needs. Stampd LA in Los Angeles worked … READ MORE


Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II – 2013 Black/Blue Edition

Watch fanatics around the globe have a lot to be excited about with all the images leaking out of Baselworld 2013. Just in the last couple of days, we’ve seen this LaFerrari-inspired Hublot Masterpiece,  this colorful Rolex Perpetual, and now we get a look at Rolex‘s latest addition to … READ MORE